Thursday, October 23, 2014

Society Toy Story Day Set to have Nov. 8

CHICAGO - A massive selection independent toy retailers in the United States on top of that Canada will mark Neighborhood Miniature Store Day with special in-store events and activities on Saturday, Nov 8, 2014.

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Neighborhood Toy Put away Day is an annual American Profession Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) case that occurs on the second Saturday from November. It is designed to help free from dependence toy retailers spotlight attention close to the quality and play value of especial toys, plus the advantages of shopping of locally-owned toy stores.

"Neighborhood Miniature Store Day is about telling of the specialty Toy Story phone case and we are so be sure to that participation on the part of retailers, vendors, and sales reps continues to grow, " said Kathleen McHugh, president, ASTRA.

ASTRA retailers create activities up to Neighborhood Toy Store Day on top of that supports retailers by providing professionally systematized, downloadable posters; post cards; competing slicks; and other images along with produce emails; social media posts; and pr announcements that retailers can use to promote their personal store.

"The event is about becoming the specialty toy industry for all retailers, manufacturers, reps and everyone in addition who depend on moms and dads and grandmother and grandfather and others to buy children's toys of independent stores, " said McHugh. "Our members are creating fantastic, appealing events that fit their personal local market with the goal at drawing customers into their stores towards the very beginning of the holiday season so miniature buyers can see first hand what the community toy store has to offer. "

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