Sunday, August 28, 2016

Families still face Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge exposed rendering

Families still face? Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge exposed rendering

Samsung Galaxy s new flagships will be unveiled next month, nearly two months broke the news constantly, recently famous broke the great God @evleaks media VerntureBeat released the two suspected official renderings of the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, the rumored Galaxy S7 is 5.1 inches, and Galaxy confirmed S7 Edge is 5.5 inches. Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and cash are very similar in appearance, and overall styling is more tough, Home becomes more upright.

Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus covers

Families still face? Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge exposed rendering

These flagship supports MicroSD card expansion (up to 200GB), and will meet IP67 standards of proof. Galaxy S7/S7 Edge will carry Gao Tongxiao Dragon 820 Samsung Exynos and 88,902 versions, memory 4GB, built-in storage for 32GB or 64GB. Exynos 8890 SoC solutions for processors based on the ARM architecture, and contains 4 clock frequency 2.3GHz Meerkat (Mongoose) core and 4 1.6GHz A53 core clock frequency, and on-chip integration of cellular modules, can support the LTE Category 9. Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus covers Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus

Families still face? Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge exposed rendering

The screen material, will be using Samsung's own Super AMOLED screen resolution of 2560*1440, it is possible to carry Samsung's new always-on display (AOD) technology, can make the screen gray, power consumption as low as 1% per hour. From 16 million pixels camera, to 12 million pixels, camera module is equipped with a f/1.7 lens (S6-f/1.9). Although pixels lower, but decided to not only pixel image, sensor, lens module and algorithm is equally important. Galaxy S7/S7 Edge after the final photo effect is released will not be known.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

How do GPS know where are you

How do GPS know where are you?

In big cities you can now select what GPS tool? TomTom, Magellan and Garmin gets into your eyes, and with the popularity of smart phones, everyone can have a GPS positioning system. But did you know how GPS works?

The global positioning system (GPS) is actually a satellite monitoring of terminology, there are currently 24 satellites around the Earth, first launched in 1978, 24 complete launch was in 1993, and formally put into use in 1995, the system cost $ 10.012 trillion, the annual maintenance costs are estimated at about $ 400 million. Each satellite weighed 2000 pounds and relies on solar power, around the Earth takes 11 hours and 58 minutes, one orbiting the Earth two weeks at 10600 miles above sea level (altitude).

When setting up a satellite system is because the United States wants to deploy military weapons, systems named NAVSTAR,2000 year, when President Clinton's GPS system is open to the world.

How do GPS know where are you?

Any time your phone's GPS system will be received from the 4-12 satellite positioning, the satellite's orbit form a cage-like surround system via triangulation technology, your GPS device can tell you the exact location. For example, through the eyes of three satellites, using high-frequency, low-power radio signals at the speed of light, and then calculates the distance between the satellites with equipment, because they have a fixed orbit pattern, and the United States Naval Observatory atomic clock synchronization, this process generates an accurate position reading. But in order to more precisely, GPS systems typically grabs satellite signals, in particular need to determine altitude when.

As long as the GPS knows where you are, you can map routes, speed, and other location information, such as the other half of the Earth a place of sunrise and sunset. With the passage of time, the accuracy of GPS will be slightly affected by the Sun and the Moon, but United States Defense Council will regularly send updated data to the satellite correction. Vans case

Whether it is on foot, car, boat or air, GPS systems are very useful, and thank you for many applications to launch, GPS have bigger stage, most real life example of this is the Government access to relevant technology and sharing of traffic data to ease urban traffic problems. case iPhone Vans

case iPhone Vans

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Not fever Millet 5 running GeekBench

Not fever!   • Millet 5 running GeekBench

Earlier we had seen it on GeekBench suspected millet 5 engineering machine's run, but they are not displayed correctly in the GeekBench database "Xiaomi MI 5", and the emergence of the Xiaomi MI-5 run, indicating millet 5 volume production models have entered the test phase. Hello Kitty iphone 5

Hello Kitty iPhone 5 Case

GeekBench millet 5-run, we can see that millet 5 powered Android 6.0 system is 64-bit, with Xiao long 820 SoC and memory, there are only 3GB. Single-core 2160, multi-core 4713 told Yu Xiaolong 820lai can count on both scores, compared to millet's flagship model in the past, this millet 5 performance can't make friends feel like hardcore. Hello Kitty iPhone 5 Case

3GB of memory and can be seen, this is millet 5 with low version, high distribution must be powered by a 4GB/more memory, and it is understood that the millet 5 may be a iPhone 6s/6s Plus strategy, two different screen sizes of millet 5.

Not fever!   • Millet 5 running GeekBench


Not fever!   • Millet 5 running GeekBench

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hai Tao AfterShokz AS301 less than 200 bucks can bone conduction

# Hai Tao #AfterShokz AS301: less than 200 bucks can bone conduction

Perhaps some readers know, the famous musician Beethoven deaf at a young age, but he has not given up, but by a rope bite in your mouth to feel the notes, continued to write many works of classical music. This makes Beethoven's deafness cases still can feel the music is called bone conduction technology (for more see the principle of bone conduction headset does not sound like). In Google released high-end atmosphere of Google Glass Hou, this a technology by has more of concern and hot holding, actually, this zhiqian on has has headphones manufacturers launched has bone conduction headphones, today recommended is from Yu bone conduction headphones first brand AfterShokz of generation products AfterShokz AS301, currently Amazon price third party only sale 26.99 dollars (about Yuan 165 Yuan, with credit card and transit company about 215 Yuan hand), For the lowest prices. 200 bucks less can feel taller on the bone conduction, show year, don't roll out?

So, what are the features of bone conduction headset? Its maximum of features is it avoid has eardrums, directly through skull vibration passed voice, we in using bone conduction headphones of when, can avoid tympanic membrane long time vibration brings of ear pain, and listening declined, while also can perceived to environment of voice, but shortcomings is currently bone conduction headphones of sound cannot and we using of traditional headphones compared, until recently number years bone conduction headphones of sound constantly improve, bone conduction only gradually from military steering civilian of.

# Hai Tao #AfterShokz AS301: less than 200 bucks can bone conduction

Therefore, bone conduction headset is best for people who have no special requirements on quality, often in outdoor sports and want to enjoy the music of the crowd. Traditional headphones do not hear voices outside runs, we are unable to know the danger of coming in the first time, and bone conduction headset solves exactly this point.

Although only AfterShokz generation, but for most people who just want to listen to music while running enough, and AfterShokz second generation AfterShokz Sportz M2 in addition to added a bag, but improvement in the sound quality is not too big, generation of cost-effective products are higher. To note is that Amazon has recently adjusted mail-free policy, mail-free standard was increased from $ 25 to $ 35, this product is too cheap, purchased proposal to get one or two people. Juicy Couture sale

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# Hai Tao #AfterShokz AS301: less than 200 bucks can bone conduction

  Juicy Couture sale

Juicy Couture sale