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Families still face Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge exposed rendering

Families still face? Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge exposed rendering

Samsung Galaxy s new flagships will be unveiled next month, nearly two months broke the news constantly, recently famous broke the great God @evleaks media VerntureBeat released the two suspected official renderings of the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, the rumored Galaxy S7 is 5.1 inches, and Galaxy confirmed S7 Edge is 5.5 inches. Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and cash are very similar in appearance, and overall styling is more tough, Home becomes more upright.

Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus covers

Families still face? Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge exposed rendering

These flagship supports MicroSD card expansion (up to 200GB), and will meet IP67 standards of proof. Galaxy S7/S7 Edge will carry Gao Tongxiao Dragon 820 Samsung Exynos and 88,902 versions, memory 4GB, built-in storage for 32GB or 64GB. Exynos 8890 SoC solutions for processors based on the ARM architecture, and contains 4 clock frequency 2.3GHz Meerkat (Mongoose) core and 4 1.6GHz A53 core clock frequency, and on-chip integration of cellular modules, can support the LTE Category 9. Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus covers Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus

Families still face? Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge exposed rendering

The screen material, will be using Samsung's own Super AMOLED screen resolution of 2560*1440, it is possible to carry Samsung's new always-on display (AOD) technology, can make the screen gray, power consumption as low as 1% per hour. From 16 million pixels camera, to 12 million pixels, camera module is equipped with a f/1.7 lens (S6-f/1.9). Although pixels lower, but decided to not only pixel image, sensor, lens module and algorithm is equally important. Galaxy S7/S7 Edge after the final photo effect is released will not be known.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

How do GPS know where are you

How do GPS know where are you?

In big cities you can now select what GPS tool? TomTom, Magellan and Garmin gets into your eyes, and with the popularity of smart phones, everyone can have a GPS positioning system. But did you know how GPS works?

The global positioning system (GPS) is actually a satellite monitoring of terminology, there are currently 24 satellites around the Earth, first launched in 1978, 24 complete launch was in 1993, and formally put into use in 1995, the system cost $ 10.012 trillion, the annual maintenance costs are estimated at about $ 400 million. Each satellite weighed 2000 pounds and relies on solar power, around the Earth takes 11 hours and 58 minutes, one orbiting the Earth two weeks at 10600 miles above sea level (altitude).

When setting up a satellite system is because the United States wants to deploy military weapons, systems named NAVSTAR,2000 year, when President Clinton's GPS system is open to the world.

How do GPS know where are you?

Any time your phone's GPS system will be received from the 4-12 satellite positioning, the satellite's orbit form a cage-like surround system via triangulation technology, your GPS device can tell you the exact location. For example, through the eyes of three satellites, using high-frequency, low-power radio signals at the speed of light, and then calculates the distance between the satellites with equipment, because they have a fixed orbit pattern, and the United States Naval Observatory atomic clock synchronization, this process generates an accurate position reading. But in order to more precisely, GPS systems typically grabs satellite signals, in particular need to determine altitude when.

As long as the GPS knows where you are, you can map routes, speed, and other location information, such as the other half of the Earth a place of sunrise and sunset. With the passage of time, the accuracy of GPS will be slightly affected by the Sun and the Moon, but United States Defense Council will regularly send updated data to the satellite correction. Vans case

Whether it is on foot, car, boat or air, GPS systems are very useful, and thank you for many applications to launch, GPS have bigger stage, most real life example of this is the Government access to relevant technology and sharing of traffic data to ease urban traffic problems. case iPhone Vans

case iPhone Vans

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Not fever Millet 5 running GeekBench

Not fever!   • Millet 5 running GeekBench

Earlier we had seen it on GeekBench suspected millet 5 engineering machine's run, but they are not displayed correctly in the GeekBench database "Xiaomi MI 5", and the emergence of the Xiaomi MI-5 run, indicating millet 5 volume production models have entered the test phase. Hello Kitty iphone 5

Hello Kitty iPhone 5 Case

GeekBench millet 5-run, we can see that millet 5 powered Android 6.0 system is 64-bit, with Xiao long 820 SoC and memory, there are only 3GB. Single-core 2160, multi-core 4713 told Yu Xiaolong 820lai can count on both scores, compared to millet's flagship model in the past, this millet 5 performance can't make friends feel like hardcore. Hello Kitty iPhone 5 Case

3GB of memory and can be seen, this is millet 5 with low version, high distribution must be powered by a 4GB/more memory, and it is understood that the millet 5 may be a iPhone 6s/6s Plus strategy, two different screen sizes of millet 5.

Not fever!   • Millet 5 running GeekBench


Not fever!   • Millet 5 running GeekBench

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

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Hai Tao AfterShokz AS301 less than 200 bucks can bone conduction

# Hai Tao #AfterShokz AS301: less than 200 bucks can bone conduction

Perhaps some readers know, the famous musician Beethoven deaf at a young age, but he has not given up, but by a rope bite in your mouth to feel the notes, continued to write many works of classical music. This makes Beethoven's deafness cases still can feel the music is called bone conduction technology (for more see the principle of bone conduction headset does not sound like). In Google released high-end atmosphere of Google Glass Hou, this a technology by has more of concern and hot holding, actually, this zhiqian on has has headphones manufacturers launched has bone conduction headphones, today recommended is from Yu bone conduction headphones first brand AfterShokz of generation products AfterShokz AS301, currently Amazon price third party only sale 26.99 dollars (about Yuan 165 Yuan, with credit card and transit company about 215 Yuan hand), For the lowest prices. 200 bucks less can feel taller on the bone conduction, show year, don't roll out?

So, what are the features of bone conduction headset? Its maximum of features is it avoid has eardrums, directly through skull vibration passed voice, we in using bone conduction headphones of when, can avoid tympanic membrane long time vibration brings of ear pain, and listening declined, while also can perceived to environment of voice, but shortcomings is currently bone conduction headphones of sound cannot and we using of traditional headphones compared, until recently number years bone conduction headphones of sound constantly improve, bone conduction only gradually from military steering civilian of.

# Hai Tao #AfterShokz AS301: less than 200 bucks can bone conduction

Therefore, bone conduction headset is best for people who have no special requirements on quality, often in outdoor sports and want to enjoy the music of the crowd. Traditional headphones do not hear voices outside runs, we are unable to know the danger of coming in the first time, and bone conduction headset solves exactly this point.

Although only AfterShokz generation, but for most people who just want to listen to music while running enough, and AfterShokz second generation AfterShokz Sportz M2 in addition to added a bag, but improvement in the sound quality is not too big, generation of cost-effective products are higher. To note is that Amazon has recently adjusted mail-free policy, mail-free standard was increased from $ 25 to $ 35, this product is too cheap, purchased proposal to get one or two people. Juicy Couture sale

Buy link

Love machine users exclusive purchase deposit entry

# Hai Tao #AfterShokz AS301: less than 200 bucks can bone conduction

  Juicy Couture sale

Juicy Couture sale

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CJ 2016 VR content liquidations and developers seem to have divided

In previous years, as in July, Shanghai hot shame, it seems to be able to explain the many game developers and players passion for the ChinaJoy. Before the show began, many companies have opened various warm-up activities, such as their friends crowding the screen of the Sony. Century Park in Shanghai, Central Europe organised by the helmet hardware vendor friends VR game developer contest, also attracted a lot of attention.

CJ 2016 | VR content liquidations, and developers seem to have divided

In addition to watching their demo, Lei feng's network before the match (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) simply interview the developers, as a VR content providers they, Daydream, VR content on Google's views. GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

Google I/O Conference this year announced plans to Daydream, which would no doubt VR content developers now have a certain impact. In the interview, said domestic developers, Daydream was cured by Android phone has a standard, which is more like the phone parameter, only up to a certain parameter, can say that this phone is VR cell phone. Users without VR feature, it will be their choice phone indicators, like a cell phone camera pixels, is how many mega pixels does not matter, it is important to have this feature. There are developers that, after cell phone equipped with Daydream, and will be adding more control, the original tray of glasses can only click, lack of central control. GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

In addition, the VR content development team realized how to VR before the widespread popularity of "alive", is one of the challenges to the VR industry. However, each team has their own coping strategies.

GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

Shanghai Meng Guo Web developers says, they take a shorter development cycle, to new games to try. "Because the short development cycle to ensure completion of the product faster, not because of money and costs into a larger project, resulting in big losses, to adapt to the living environment. "They actively cooperate and some online store, also b-oriented side project.

Beijing vision network co-founder to, due to the c-terminal of a disadvantage, they start on the b-end of the market-oriented, and the combination of software and hardware, through games and non-helmet hardware bundled form, profit. Magic-vision's chief operating officer, said they currently have no income, all costs are invested in content development, online business models have only just begun to explore, while getting cold, but the "good teams still have a chance to get investment, mainly depends on the product and the team's advantage."

The profit model of collaboration and offline store, developers believe that this exploration, hope that offline experience richer. 5-10 were massively multiplayer online experience, for example, that play obviously feel different at home and store, but it is also a charm of the offline experience.

CJ 2016 | VR content liquidations, and developers seem to have divided

Net cash issue of Lei Feng also asked foreign developers, some believe that before people begin to buy the game, prior to even buy a VR helmet, require developers to a good number of games, helmet and now apparently is not good enough, after a few years when more helmet is better, people will start buying. Some developers say some offline experience places in the United States also began to appear, VR experiences in the United States is even called a "killer application", a lot of people to experience, but they want to do to create a thing of value, when the game has its own value, it will boost sales.

Obviously, due to the different market conditions, developers on how to make money at home and abroad that have their own vision and understanding, as well as coping strategies.

Even with this or that challenges lie ahead, on July 28, the final scene, we see a lot of creative work of VR. The final total of 16 team of VR games at home and abroad (11 and 5 foreign country) attend, demo scene groups, judges have experienced all of the games before the match, demonstrating after the judge, domestic team brings the skull sea and BombU respectively second and third.

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Products from 0 to 1 Chinese companies next exam

Lei feng's network by the writer Li Zhiyong, plank road programmer of the Decade.

Products from 0 to 1: Chinese companies next exam

New technologies appeared, tend to have a great deal of deception, such as VR and AR.

This deceptive from both: on the one hand they always have a huge imagination ignited people's enthusiasm, let their excessive expectations; cool people on the one hand and see the deficiencies and risks of new technologies, instead of at a distance. The former leads to VC money, which can lead to missed opportunities. These new technologies to cool, it would need to go back to the basics of methodology.

YSL Galaxy S5 Case

| Both from 0 to 1

Peter Thiel told a story from 0 to 1, but to make the future more clearly require further decomposition, decomposition technique called from 0 to 1 from 0 to 1 with products ranging from 0 to 1. This is not hard to understand that when Turing's proof and von Neumann architecture is completed, from 0 to 1 in fact completed on the computer. But in fact only after the transistors appeared Apple was released in 1979, his first Apple computer, the personal computer as a new category and its products from 0 to 1 is finished. From this example we can see that technology from 0 to 1 and products from 0 to 1 difference between the key components of the maturity (is there a transistors) and product integration. This again reflected in their smart phones, iPhone was neither the first mobile phone with Internet access, is not the first touch-screen phone, it highest level of system integration, provides a complete experience, and so become a landmark symbol of smart phones.

The latter point easily overlooked by some Chinese companies, because this is shanzhai products quickly sold the bones there are essential differences. Cottage represents a clear imitation of objects, is a profile of the market, this time winning will often replace the overall winners of the local, as my screen is bigger, my CPU is faster. Said to improve overall integration of products, across the border from 0 to 1 when needs is systems integration, simple good CPU, good screen and not help but need to connect regional efforts.

Products from 0 to 1: Chinese companies next exam


| Outdated ideas destined to make people ineligible to lead

In the late Qing dynasty there was a vigorous movement, movement in a typical slogan is: high school, Western learning for use. Effect that can mimic boats Cannon as a tool, so we sent people to study, cooperation with the West has learned it is finished, can still maintain a traditional rehabilitation on the basis of excellence. Results are obvious, the Westernization movement though it may have some effect, but it was a complete failure of the Westernization movement. Key lies in boats shot is actually the product of a dynamic system, needed a system to support rehabilitation of mere imitation does not strengthen. And social decision-making power remained in the hands of a large bureaucracy and the bureaucratic system of resource allocation is not aware of this technology development is a systematic project, which would have moved the money to repair this happening at the summer palace. Social resources cannot be enough to support the development of boats blasting required. So we can learn to speak body features, impossible to support Government in the first place.

Slightly extended, we can pass the cottage is bound to result in the loss of lead qualification in a technology wave.

Cottage when a product is a process: get a sample, according to which copy themselves (or find an ODM manufacturer) also makes a similar product, then start selling, marketing, channels, and eventually earn a profit on the hardware. The key here is not a polished product, but sales and cost control, as well as a product of patience and commitment are poor.

Technology wave driven by a core characteristic of next generation products are: software integration. Software integration is a new situation, and no one really has experience in dealing with. We can take the PC, mobile phone, Echo compared to image specific meaning to perception and software integration:

The separation of hardware and software for PC, you can reinstall the operating system or earlier operating system to install their own. But to the mobile phone operating system imposes the Basic, few people own mobile phone to reinstall an operating system, in the mobile phone is open inside the app store, but normal is also tied with app store, this is totally different from the PC. To Echo this product, installation applications this process is transparent, the user only has the right to use, hardware and software are integrated into a service, this is the software integration.

Software integration means integration requires more of the original design of the product can be used, which takes time, requires resources, under which is the stronghold of the blind spots, fake time spent time on these two points. This line of thinking as well as differences in input to build the next generation of products will have a fundamental impact on results.

When the iPhone came out cell phones can be fake, but Amazon Echo the special high level of software integration, itself still in the exploratory stage of the product is not fake. It can be seen that although a wave of people running in this way, but then killed a lot because hastily shanzhai product has no value to the user, and lose most people will lose confidence in such products.

Failure there are many, some failure stems from the operation itself, while others are derived from the implementation. This failure is of ideas of the above fails, and does not come from executive level. For failure of Western learning for use in middle schools.

| Play differences

Knowledge is easy to deduce from above to create new technologies new products under the tide of play differs from the past, the foreign companies seems to be common sense, but many rely on fortress mode, it seems, is field examinations.

New products, new products in the game to complete the first accumulation breakthrough product from 0 to 1, a process that could continue for a long time, and there might not be any returns. If you didn't complete the process and keep the product listed in a hurry, no matter how to enhance sales and so on, that have no real effect, excessive publicity will swiftly and may even lead to negative effects.

In the process of product from 0 to 1, audiences are not more is better, but the more positive the better. Millet so-called participation here still has an irreplaceable value, it is only possible in this future-oriented new category there's really a sense of participation. Determines whether the product changed from 0 to 1 break-through is not difficult, as long as it functions how to match the user's expectations. Robots of this type of product in big trouble here, because it gives the expectations are too big, so the robot nearly impossible to cross the threshold of products from 0 to 1.

Cottage style is clearly different from above, because it is a market that already exists, so it can be done quickly, you must later is the melatonin to promote. The new category must be innovative enough and focus on whether or not to cross the threshold from 0 to 1, behind it needs strategic patience is very different. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

| Summary

Summary view, we can so told: Dang technology mature degrees crossed from 0 to 1 of process Shi, like microprocessor of appeared actually let PC became may, that build new products of opportunity on will comes, but this when face of still is early market, then need real like this field of user participation came in formed benign interactive, cumulative reputation and potential, completed products Shang from 0 to 1 of accumulated, once crossed products from 0 to 1 of mark, that is real punches of moments. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

Apples are wonderful, estimates should not be copied in its accumulation of product from 0 to 1 are completed within the company. Domestic enterprises are somewhat fake root, usually not very good at doing products from 0 to 1 that polished, so technology-driven new wave can be seen as a new round of examinations.

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) Note: the author Li Zhiyong, a thinking, fun public: zuomoshi (wonder)

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Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

This Samsung Galaxy S4 special protection not only protects, protecting more than 3200 mAh batteries, to your Galaxy S4 to provide more power!


Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

This protective cover built-in 3200 mAh battery, but Galaxy S4 is not too thick, set after the protective cover, roughly 17 mm in thickness.


Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

Appearance of the battery case.


Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

It has a USB plug at the bottom, directly in the Galaxy S4.


Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case


Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

In addition to the black version, there is a white version.

DKNY iPhone 6 plus cases

  DKNY iPhone 6 plus cases DKNY iPhone 6+ cases

Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

Headphone jack or something will not be blocked.


Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

Galaxy S4 battery protectors look on.


Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

Bottom protection LED shows the charge remaining.


Super daily special battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 case

There is a pole behind, protective sleeve can act as a mobile support


Protection is also very simple, mobile phone according to the normal position in, and close the cover.


With this thing, plug in the power, protection and cell phone all at the same time charging


Protective cover built-in 3200 mAh battery, protective cover fully charge takes about 5 hours.

This battery case on its website the price is: 3280 yen, for conversions: 202.

If you are interested, you can look here: I see


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Ali took the lead in the attack first YunOS Internet car market not exceeding

First YunOS Internet car market, no more than 190,000 

Ali took the lead in the attack, first YunOS Internet car market not exceeding 190,000; Tesla Model x trouble again | Lei feng's morning news

The roewe has appeared before the domestic auto RX5 release listed yesterday, from $ 99,800 coverage all the way to 186,800, or Internet version of one of the most interesting models YunOS of carrying in-car systems. So what does this system can bring to users?

First of all, this system specifically optimized for automotive usage scenarios, vehicle information can be directly controlled in the 10.4-inch touch-screen display, while supporting users using natural voice commands to communicate with on-board host, implement telephone, multimedia, information, navigation, air conditioning equipment thermostat operation.

Ali took the lead in the attack, first YunOS Internet car market not exceeding 190,000; Tesla Model x trouble again | Lei feng's morning news

Drivers on the most frequently used navigation functions, YunOS pointed design system, increase can change with the speed of linear Adaptive map zoom, more convenient driving lines in anticipation. In addition, the RX5 through double blind positioning itself carries a variety of sensors, even in like underground garage so no network signal environment, vehicles can still locate their positions.

Roof leaking rain but it pours: Tesla Model x trouble

Ali took the lead in the attack, first YunOS Internet car market not exceeding 190,000; Tesla Model x trouble again | Lei feng's morning news

According to foreign media reports, a 2016 Tesla Model x manufactured electric vehicle in the event of a rollover on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, when the car is in driving mode automatically Autopilot. Accident caused no casualties.

Paul Frank iPhone 6 Case

The accident happened at local time on Thursday, at 107 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Turnpike from the Office. According to the truck driver, an art gallery owner aerbote·sikageliaonei (Albert Scaglione) described to the police, at the outlet of the vehicle to drive to a Bedford car accident happened. When the car is in drive mode.

Facebook digs Tesla executives increase the pace of hardware development

Ali took the lead in the attack, first YunOS Internet car market not exceeding 190,000; Tesla Model x trouble again | Lei feng's morning news

On July 7, Facebook has just hired an Executive from the Tesla company, engaged in its development of a new Building 8 lab-related work, this important poach also indicates that the Facebook with regard to accelerate research and development of hardware products and has taken a solid step forward.

Is Facebook the new dig the Tesla executives is liqi·Haili (Rich Hele). Prior to joining Facebook, Haley at Tesla served as Vice President for technology. After joining Facebook, Haley will have direct access to leijina·Dukan (Regina Dugan), reported on the work. Dokan is Facebook in April this year hired an Executive from Google, now is in charge of Building 8 development laboratory. Facebook representatives have confirmed that Haley joined the case, but declined to give other details.

Microsoft partner to join Ali was responsible for research on big data intelligence

Ali took the lead in the attack, first YunOS Internet car market not exceeding 190,000; Tesla Model x trouble again | Lei feng's morning news

 On July 6, according to foreign media reports, Zhou Jingren, former Microsoft partner has joined Alibaba, as aliyun Chief Scientist. Zhou Jingren infrastructure on Microsoft's Bing search team, and larger data unit, as Chief Scientist. Zhou Jingren led aliyun in Hangzhou, Beijing and Seattle's big data and the artificial intelligence group, data platforms and artificial intelligence research body responsible for aliyun. Aliyun is strengthening data and intelligence capacity, trying to share in this fast-growing market.

New Microsoft Band postponed until October, is more durable

Ali took the lead in the attack, first YunOS Internet car market not exceeding 190,000; Tesla Model x trouble again | Lei feng's morning news

Softpedia, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft had planned to launch the third generation of the end of this month a health bracelet Band. But no, in order to further enhance the durability of health bracelet, Microsoft decided that the bracelet would be listed in October this year. Microsoft should have clear Band 2 of the inventory, due to the use of rubber materials, so Band 2 durability extremely poor, which is an important reason for Microsoft's rush to develop the next generation bracelets.

Google's acquisition of image recognition technology company, Tango project pave?

Ali took the lead in the attack, first YunOS Internet car market not exceeding 190,000; Tesla Model x trouble again | Lei feng's morning news

Google has been trying to promote the development of augmented reality technologies and machine learning processes. Recently, they announced the purchase in France Moodstocks image recognition technology company, Google France development Chief Vincent Simonet said: "this acquisition is latest sign of our strengthening strategy of related technologies. "

Moodstocks was founded in 2008, has launched smart phone image recognition using Moodstocks Notes, through the camera scanned books, CD, posters, flyers, and the label object, you can view information about objects in real time, can see other users ' comments. Paul Frank iPhone 6 Case Paul Frank iPhone 6 Case

Nintendo's official release of AR game Pok é Mon Go

Ali took the lead in the attack, first YunOS Internet car market not exceeding 190,000; Tesla Model x trouble again | Lei feng's morning news

The most anticipated augmented reality game Pok é Mon Go, is now on the line of Android and iOS platforms, users can download for free. This game in the past few months only to a particular users open a closed beta, but now everyone is free to download. In real-world environments, the player can capture the Elf, and Pok é Mon Gyms (arena) in the game. Players need to interact with the Elves keep a distance of 100 feet. As the now popular augmented reality games as the Ingress, players will be able to explore the area on foot, and games.

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Business information on the list of philosophy which enhance your purchase rate

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network" public attention): this article by the nuggets translation translate translator godofchina from the E-Commerce UX:What Information to Display in Product Listings (46% Get it Wrong), proofreader: joddiy,Ruixi. This started re the nuggets without permission prohibited reprint.

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

"I think there is a way that can be compared, so I don't have to order this, and then returns, and returns again, little point......" One customer explained that he wanted to give his laptop to find a bag, "in addition to price and product name I can't find useful information. "Note Zappos computer packages described in no, or only a vague description of the size," big ".

User based on valid information on those products in the product list to choose whether or not to buy these goods. So we passed a large list of products and filter the available list after learning it is not surprising to find that poor information on the product list navigation is the most severe usability problems.

Through testing, we found that information too little or low relevance of the list items is very problematic, because the user is missing these basic information was not properly assessed. This will led to by measuring object completely to misunderstanding has related products, and led to they in products page and list page Zhijian not necessary to back and forth jump--they had to returns continues to a again just of operation, open list page of each products just to understand it of basic property and core features; this was unpleasant of practice often led to by measuring object gave up access site, because simple to positioning related products of contradictions too highlight has. It is obvious that each list page to show the correct number and the correct type of information is essential to enhance product search experience for users.

In addition, in the products list page confirmation shows which type of information and the number displayed is a big problem, as our national Top 50 list displays the list of products on e-commerce sites, these 46% are shown in the Web site content is too small or displayed improper information problems. (A few of the sites, in stark contrast, they showed too much information on the list! )

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

Found during testing, Gilt does not show information about a list of key parts: the types of optional products! This led to a number of test subjects refused to buy because they think the product only represents colors in stock, actually it has many colors to choose from.

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

In addition to all the usual "generic" attribute, Crutchfield in a particular classification property has serious problems--that is the only information and product type. To cite an example, the "X-watts-RMS" and "filter pass" property and car loudspeakers, therefore only these columns are displayed. Meanwhile, all other kinds of products at this site also only shows vertical-only correlation.

Item in the list to get a good signal to noise ratio to enhance the ability of users to find what they want to find products is essential. But obviously it is not easy. It needs to be carefully displayed refinement of product attributes. In this article we will show you our product list and filter the list of learning how to accurately evaluate the product information is presented in volume and variety of tests.

(Note that the following findings also apply to category listings and search results. )

List item information: balance

Display in products list is anyway the user assess the suitability and judge the product Foundation. Product list should not be wasted. Each element of the list should be fine as appropriate fine, and presented to the conditions best suited to their choice of the user. A list of successful product design should meet the following two requirements: Kenzo case for iPad Mini

Show products that give users enough information to properly assess the suitability of the product (specific to their unique needs).

Allow users to list as a whole (i.e. the options available to them), and are interested in products and other products to compare.

The former is to demonstrate sufficient product information for each product; however the latter products to display on the user's screen is sufficient number of products. So he creates a dilemma if the information displayed for each product, will lower the number of products displayed per page. However products so much as to have a single product information enough to be relatively difficult, resulting in too much jumping back and forth.

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

Obviously from our massive eye tracking study that, when users browse visually oriented products tend to focus on the product thumbnails. (Here we can watch REI32 the subject of heat diagram hits total observation time)

List of product design is not a "less is better" but a "fit is a good" things. Find out which properties should be displayed in the list, which should not be in there is the thing to do, but there are no hard rules. A good list should provide sufficient information to help users accurately assess the list which is relevant to the user--equally important--which should be omitted. Listing information to better help users compare related products. It is essentially a practice: do not use too much expanded list of products to maximize the information's essence and product comparison.

Now we have discovered, there are two sets of properties should be included in the list: General properties and specific types of properties. General properties for all products throughout the site contains pricing and product title (or types). Specific types of properties are unique for each product category and the product and the product is different. In the example below we'll talk about every detail.

Common properties

Some common properties should be shown in almost all places, whether it is a list of product sale or in the site content. For example, product prices are basic properties, so should be in all environments (only in very limited circumstances not required).

In addition to the obvious price property, other major common properties: product title or type, thumbnail, user rankings, optional type. On the search results list, contextual search snippets in this regard also fell. This article will summarize the most important aspects of the common properties.

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

A customer of IKEA's sofas are sorted by price (low to high)-Unfortunately there is sofa decoration, sofa cushion and sofa sets sofa rather than from cheap to expensive. More disturbing is that sofa was shown on the sofa, a glance is more difficult to judge whether selling sofas or sofa sets.

Each product price is obvious to users is essential, whether it is to estimate the product itself or other product comparison. This is the reason why prices are permanently visible to users. Our product list and filter the Datum display all sites have managed to do that.

Kenzo Cases

Some pricing and product-related issues found during the test. For example, in some cases including what price is not clear (usually occurs in several products were displayed on the product thumbnails when applicability as product or bundle). Is advisable to let the customer know exactly what included in the price. Similarly, display the "price per unit" helps customers understand the value of--98% sites don't do very well in this regard. (See our test results Price Per Unit).

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

"There are things I saw, but there is no picture, so I don't want to order it," explained one customer (Best Buy), look in the list article. Turns out it was what she wanted, but because there is no thumbnail, she chose to skip the product like other people.

Product thumbnail proved to be the most important attribute, subjects are willing to spend a great deal of attention on the product thumbnail. No thumbnail list items have often been ignored, most customers think they are "incomplete". Good thumbnails in user search and select products played a key role in the process. Therefore to provide the Visual information product is critical.

In fact this means that provides thumbnails for all list items and ensure that the thumbnail size to reflect the user requirements for product information. (Product Lists report owners: the reference to rule #285, #28, #29, #34and#39). More sensible approach is to provide secondary hover image (provides more visual information) and taking into account the "use context" and "cut out" thumbnails (allows to provide a more comprehensive product views).

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

IKEA offers a product title (series) and types of users that a product name alone is worth less. Similar "s which derhamn" and "Po ä NG" title just to users, provide a unique identification of the product. And move the mouse up, relevant information will show, this great, if the default prompt will list the relevant information would be better.

Title or type of product also proved to be more important, customers browse the list of products (especially search results) and product thumbnails is difficult to identify the product type of case at a glance. Product title and as vivid as the product name or represent themselves, some product types the user is easier to understand than products--particularly in the case of product titles is unknown. In these cases, the product type will show alternative title or product title and merge.

When there is a huge number, or case of cohabitation of the product catalog, manual to determine the descriptive title for each product may be too resource-intensive, featured both of this case show. There is also a more advanced approach is to dynamically browse each product with product type keyword to determine whether the title, based on this, the title for the scanned product type keyword is not included in the product, showing the product type information. Better products for volume or directory (such as IKEA's manufacturing business), you can use the entire product catalog (based on the company's product naming) to determine the title descriptive of a product.

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

In the absence of any size on these pans the prompt, users must go to each product page to get the information. Although the user can have speculated the price range of the other parameters, if clumsy after hundreds of search results. Most importantly, dish's price range can't tell users what are the parameters of the plate – plates depends on the color and it is material to differentiate?

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

For comparison, we see users in how American Eagle Outfitters do sweep to determine at a glance shirt many parameters (color, styles, and so on), these only list-item special styles will appear in the thumbnail.

Product parameters as different color, size, texture, appearance, is needed to direct the properties shown in the list item. Without these things, customers will often pass out is actually what they want, just because they can't see them, only shows the default attribute to determine whether it is what they want, rather than by viewing the product detail page to confirm product-related attributes.

However, not all products will be demonstrated. For example, is available through the list in the table show the multiple dimensions of the table, to determine, but the shoes arrived, the user can according to the nature of the shoe to speculate that the existing parameters.

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

-There is a test object do not quite understand the meaning of different product specifications-and decided to sort through to decide which camera to buy. Users are often hesitant or do not know much about the man as a guide of the product.

Users have often been most industry and sites as common property in the list item. Tests found that whenever the characteristics of products do not know much about the field of top users will rely on users to evaluate search results – as well as those of high rank were reviewed by other users "security options".

Some users in the score when they were unable to make their own judgments as "good quality/value" representatives. Therefore, if the data they rely on are not experts on sale merchandise, scores should be included directly in the product list.

When we put the user rating in the product list, attention should actually include the average number of user ratings and an average rating. We look back, found that users realize the average score had rating number is useless (see the Users' Perception of Product Ratings and Don't Base 'Customer Ratings' Sorting on Averages Only).

Unique attributes

On some the few attributes particular importance to that product, then we should put them in the list of products in the overview, which products that are easy for users to select which products the open jump out "decisions of the information-rich"

These properties vary between categories by a big margin, and must be the only optional for each species. Following are a few examples are specific to different property was used as a source of inspiration when deciding whether to choose this product, product attributes for a given classification will become very important (the quality here is as an attribute type of property).

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

Only the power adapter included in Newegg adapter information. For some customers, they are more willing to buy a cheap power adapter instead of a value containing information about the adapter $116 adapters, which will endlessly annoy them.

Collusion in particular kinds of hi-tech products is almost entirely product and other product suitability to decide. "Matching information" should be on the list, users do not have to open each product in the list to determine the product is related to them. Further, if the user's shopping cart related to the adaptation of a product, product list should intelligence indicate that this product and shopping cart product adaptation. (See 6 Use Cases for Compatibility Databases on E-Commerce Sites and Highlight Items Already in the user's Cart).

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

Because the list does not have a camera set in size, subjects have to open each Tesco product page, product description pages to determine whether suitable camera camera case. A "scenario" figure to determine whether or not the right size help (such as containing part of the camera camera set), but it's clearly not shown actual size in the list is accurate.

Another adaptation information is size. To cite an example, any package needs to hold, carry, store another product, so we need to list its internal dimensions to allow the user to determine whether in respect of goods with them. In other words, rather than the suitability of high-tech products it is not too strict, so users could buy a "container" to get enough space for storing things.

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

Subjects relying on product thumbnail and to find the recommended age range for her niece's products. Entertainer know most are not the final user of their users, so they wisely gave them toys with a recommended age range of products to help users select the appropriate ages.

Recommended age suitability of the property, or audience, customers are not end-user industries are very important. In fact, these attributes play a role in a comprehensive manual to guide users to the audience or suitable for the end product, like types of buying flowers for mother's day.

Business-information on the list of philosophy, which enhance your purchase rate

Go Outdoors in their ranking of all sleeping bags isn't comfortable temperature only rarely comfortable temperature values are printed on the product thumbnail. Frustrated that they must open the rest of the object under test products to determine that the product is suitable for use in cold weather.

Another typical case is the specific kind of property any product will have special usage, including safety gear, outdoor equipment, underwater equipment, any type of product must be running in a special environment.

Examples of specific attributes is countless, article mentioned above says only that there are one or two and type of product only several instances of the attributes related to specific characteristics of the product. Product list is endless. You may also lift the camera resolution, mileage and power, food manufacturing, and so on.

Unique attribute is the more important of the common properties, but not shared across different product types-"for ages" highly correlated with toys but nothing to do with the camera, "million pixel resolution" and camera related but unrelated to the toy! Determine specific attribute takes some work, to browse each category to determine whether there are 1-3 and type of product only relevant to users to decide the relevance of products plays a crucial role, and dynamically to the list item.

Show product information

By all general product properties (prices, thumbnails, product title or attributes, parameters and user rating) and in all specific attributes in the product list, the user already has sufficient conditions to evaluate each item in the product list and decide which product to choose one step closer to understanding (open the product page).

Common properties must have because that is the basic information for all products, if you do not have the information the user cannot accurately assess the relevance of products. Unique property is a smart way to provide 1-3 and unique product range of extra attributes, provide specific help information to the user to determine whether a product and they are correlated.

Through all the common properties of the list item and the 1-3 special properties, has provided enough information to allow users to accurately assess and compare the list of products. Neither the problem of too little information (most common) or list item information overload problem (not too common but equal to the design), simply: to achieve the ideal state of balance, no case of redundancy provided enough information for each product.

In the list of information to be an ideal balance in the product list, you can get a high signal to noise ratio, is critical to the ability of users to find products, better signal to noise ratio enables easy access to what products can be purchased, what products can be skipped. Don't belittle these proposals fool--46% e-commerce website in one or two of them do fail, forcing users to do extra return – constantly jumps back and forth-regular users looking for products in the process make it difficult for the end users abandon the site. Kenzo Cases