Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some states Measles Cases Grow To fifty nine; Mostly Disney-Related, Some In Clean Area Counties

ANAHEIM (KCBS) — Since reach of December the number of confirmed measles cases in California has grown on the way to 59, 42 of which have been linked to an initial exposure in Disney iPhone 5land across mid-December, public health officials said along Wednesday.

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The measles cases are usually found in 11 local health jurisdictions, including in Alameda, Santa Albúmina and San Mateo counties, in accordance with the state Department of Public Health.

You see, the patients range in age about 7 months and 70 various years.

State epidemiologist with the California Team of Public Health, Dr . Gil Chavez said the highly- infections infection, which has been officially eradicated in the United States just for 15 years spreads easily while using air.

The exposure at iPhone case Disneyland or Disney California Adventure comprehensive parks in Anaheim between December. 15 and 20 has been linked to at least one person in Alameda Local.

"We can expect to see many more episodes of this vaccine preventable disease except if people take precautionary measures, " he said.

Anyone who recently popular places where international travelers congregate, like for example airports or theme parks, might have been exposed to measles, public health officials recounted.

The public health department has found out the vaccination status of thrity four of the 59 measles cases along with those 34, 28 people who came down with measles were unvaccinated. One of the other 6 months time had one dose of the shot and five had two or more dosage.

Two or more doses of the measles shot are considered 99 percent effective across preventing the disease.

"People who are unvaccinated should know that there's presently an important risk for acquiring measles in Some states, " Chavez said.

Anyone who senses they already have the disease should contact their precious doctor.

Symptoms of measles begin with nausea, cough and runny nose and as well red eyes and within a couple of days a red rash appears, always first on the face and spreading lower to the rest of the body.

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