Sunday, August 30, 2015

In 2013, China Red Star design award winning tours

Yesterday, double 12,2013 China Red Star design award ceremony was held. The Red Star Award this year, attracting more than 5,000 entries from around the world, in the end, more than 400 pieces of work emerge, has won major awards. Now love rare has selected for you some of them gold and Silver Award winners, with a look.

Gold Medal parts

250 km/h emus

From Tang dynasty car company (Tangshan). Specific on not more said has, estimated love rare of readers friends in the, like research moving EMU of also not more, is to put this received came in, main is feeling about China rapid development of high-speed rail--250 km of speed, front styling from shark, also is Bionic design has, is said to have its accelerated performance and brake performance are very excellent, and has real-time diagnosis and control system, also can remote monitoring.

Portable wind-solar power generation system

From the Chengdu company Iding Industrial Design Co.,Ltd design. This portable wind-solar power generation system, two people can move and deployment, in which solar panels rated at 90 watts, and rated at 400 Watts of wind power generation system. Occasions such as hiking or exploration in the field will be very practical.

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LED light bulbs

Moma from Shanghai Industrial Product Design Co.,LTD. Design. The LED bulbs, the biggest innovation is, it provides a 360-degree illumination, and improves heat dissipation and energy utilization.

Millet 2A

Not much more to say, millet the star product of the company, HA HA.

Rice box

Ibid. Millet company produced the video box.

Detachable kitchen hand

From designer Hu Yongxin (sound, Hu Yongxin), who designs, kitchen of this series, the biggest feature is the handle you can easily disassembly to facilitate in the oven.

Wow!dea multifunctional safety hammer

Beijing Yuanlong Yato's design. How the hammer function, including broken Windows, emergency lighting, seat belts cut, such as flashing lights, hand-cranked power and USB charging, can adapt to a variety of emergency situations.

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JBL speaker Pebbles

Styling was like a pebble, with an included USB cable, Plug and play, can provide equipment such as notebooks with "amazing" sound of stereo-effect.

Smart Security Speedlane gate

From designer Xu Zhengyin (sound, Xu Zhengyin) and Shen Shujing (sound, Shen Shujing) design, built-in infrared sensors that can effectively block an unauthorized user. Used motor system developed, use a safe voltage of 24V run trouble-free opening and closing of at least 5 million times. And configure the UPS power supply system can automatically open in emergency situations, to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Prada iPhone 5

Aura sound

From Harman Kardon, the speaker used a transparent appearance, shape is amazing--it's more like some sort of ornate lamps, rather than the speaker. Harman said the company, which can in the room provides 360 degree playback experience.

Braille reader

Beijing Sense Perception from the company. Love fanciful is actually very interested in this product, not much information, but it looks quite powerful--it helps blind people to read books, surf the Web and take notes, even blind friends computer! Built in rechargeable battery service life at least 10,000 hours. The blind friends, this may be a boon to look at how we can find more information, and to give you the detailed introduction.

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