Thursday, August 11, 2016

Not fever Millet 5 running GeekBench

Not fever!   • Millet 5 running GeekBench

Earlier we had seen it on GeekBench suspected millet 5 engineering machine's run, but they are not displayed correctly in the GeekBench database "Xiaomi MI 5", and the emergence of the Xiaomi MI-5 run, indicating millet 5 volume production models have entered the test phase. Hello Kitty iphone 5

Hello Kitty iPhone 5 Case

GeekBench millet 5-run, we can see that millet 5 powered Android 6.0 system is 64-bit, with Xiao long 820 SoC and memory, there are only 3GB. Single-core 2160, multi-core 4713 told Yu Xiaolong 820lai can count on both scores, compared to millet's flagship model in the past, this millet 5 performance can't make friends feel like hardcore. Hello Kitty iPhone 5 Case

3GB of memory and can be seen, this is millet 5 with low version, high distribution must be powered by a 4GB/more memory, and it is understood that the millet 5 may be a iPhone 6s/6s Plus strategy, two different screen sizes of millet 5.

Not fever!   • Millet 5 running GeekBench


Not fever!   • Millet 5 running GeekBench

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