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NBC to Feature Drug Addict Become different Ironmanâ„¢ Champion

NBC to Performance Drug Addict Turned Ironman™ Partenaire

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On July 7th, former rehab addict Todd Crandell will be filmed in NBC's one-hour special, "IRONMAN Asia Pacific Championship. " Spending sober since 1993, Crandell reworked himself into a world-class athlete yet champion for sobriety, and has executed 27 full-length Ironman™ triathlons internationally.

The same tenacity that I put into doing damage to myself, I just needed to switch the program and put it into repairing me personally.

TOLEDO, Ohio (PRWEB) June fourth there's 16, 2015 Todd Crandell's life is seen as a journey from crippling drug obsession with world-class athlete. On Tuesday, September 7th, Crandell will be featured in to NBC's one-hour special, "IRONMAN Okazaki, japan Pacific Championship" (check local listings). Taped in Melbourne, Australia in to March, the race was Crandell's 27th Ironman™ competition.

Crandell's 13-year struggle with drugs and alcohol on the whole destroyed his life, devastating and family relationships with family and friends and shattering the very promise of a professional hockey business. However , through his pursuit of excessive physical fitness and personal well-being, he identified a productive outlet for their own once-negative energies, transforming himself create world-class athlete and champion to find sobriety.

Explains Crandell, "The similar tenacity that I put into destroying me personally, I just needed to switch it along with it into repairing myself. "

In the process of rebuilding his functional life, Crandell realized that traditional recovery ideas weren't always enough to help people redouble their addictive drives into really good actions. In his pursuit of recovery, my friend applied his energy to realize the most grueling sport imaginable, the very Ironman™ triathlon: A 2 . seven mile swim, 112 mile motor cycle, and 26. 2 mile open. Crandell ran his first triathlon in 1999 and has never looked back.

Spending sober since 1993, Crandell provides completed 27 full-length Ironman™ triathlons across the world. In 2008, he was the only one person in the world to complete the Ultraman™ Hawaii triathlon, which is a 3-day take a look at of endurance, consisting of 6. 3 miles of swimming and 90,5 miles of biking on 1, 171. 2 miles of skateboarding on day two and 60. 4 miles of running inside day three.

Today, Crandell specializes Counselor (PC) and Licensed Additive Dependency Counselor (LCDC III) and has dedicated his personal and professional functional life to helping substance abusers rechannel their destructive behaviors into really good, life-affirming action. By sharing very own stories about the perils of substance abuse, security practices and how to lead a holistic way of living, Crandell offers a positive alternative to by struggling to overcome a life of habituation.

Crandell's experiences and inspirational way led to the formation of Racing to find Recovery™ in 2001, a government approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization focusedon helping people from all takes prevent and overcome addiction. A suitable multi-faceted empowerment group, Racing to find Recovery offers professional counseling services yet support meetings alongside athletic issues such as an annual triathlon, 5k yet 10k run/walk events, all in efforts to promote a balanced, holistic lifestyle. Competing for Recovery™ has been featured inside CNN, ESPN, New York Times yet Runner's World Magazine, and is celebrated throughout the world.

A prolific and forceful presenter, Crandell regularly speaks nationally to school districts, corrections facilities, commences centers, community groups and other providers. Leading with one simple message: "With Sobriety, Anything Is Possible. " Crandell's mission is to prevent all sorts substance abuse by promoting a lifestyle in fitness and health. As someone who has been to the very depths of despair, battled habituation, contemplated suicide, yet overcame and located the willpower to succeed, Crandell will definitely form an intimate connection with his niche, inspiring and changing lives at most event.

Crandell has chronicled their own powerful mental and physical the selected profession in his books "From Addict to finally Ironman" and "There is More than One fashion to Get to Cleveland, " as well as in the very documentaries "Addict" and "Running equipped with Demons. "

Todd Crandell's "Addicted to Ironman" - ESPN Performance Story:

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