Monday, July 20, 2015

Live! 3D printing cement Castle

Sunny stroll stroll. Glancing up, a pile of Castle. Captain nobody can ... ... Wake up drooling! This is not Eastern Datang, Holy love! (Narrator: this is an 18th century-style castle, is located in the village of Minnesota don't know don't know. Don't know in our Royal Park Garda, counted as private lift construction ... ... ) Juicy Couture iPhone 6 case


Engineer Andrey Rudenko in Minnesota after two years of effort to cement texture 3D print of Castle was completed. Castle life-size, real live. Overall exterior walls as well as three top, respectively, and finally build the Assembly became an independent and one of the Castle. According to engineer himself introduced, this new technology not only can print unlimited classical decoration, can also create new shapes, elements, and effectively reduces the cost to solve technical problems. Juicy Couture uk

If so, Teito Sao years were not cheering section ... ... Even if you draw out the heart of ideal home, seven inside and outside the ring, where you cut out place it ... ...


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