Friday, July 31, 2015

Stop smoking battle, Edmond Tsang's "arms" may be useful

Being a smoker, small series for a long time to accept the "quit smoking on the" overwhelming. Parents with good intentions – kids, you have to have a baby, Balla Balla; male friends along talking about – Haney, you should die before me, so Balla Balla friends good will--do you think your counsel, hasn't been good for skin, so Balla Balla ... ... Paul Frank iPhone 5S case

Then try the smoking laws in the world, and finally reverted to: e-cigarette is boring; Mint grass is what yourself what's the difference with grazing cattle and sheep; quit sugar you are eating sugar, sugar, sugar, ... ...

Day without nicotine-like end of the world. OK, so addicted to nicotine, swallow it well, has a Quit method is said to be the army 10 cigarette butts soaked in water to drink, and then from love to hate to nicotine, OK, objective achieved. But the tragic way, it's hard to move in on their own.

Now, Taiwan designer Edmond Tsang to design a series of new type of cigarette to help people quit smoking, all partners are interested in quitting smoking can be a try. The cigarettes are divided into four series, is characterized by progressive, humane.

The first paragraph of "lucky cigarettes" that cigarette filter length is followed by a variable-length. With the filter length of variable-length, tube length becomes shorter. Gradually, the smoke from cigarettes into less harmful substances.

The second paragraph of "sharing cigarettes." Smokers can half the cigarettes to their friends. This will not only help them to reduce the amount of cigarettes, addiction to the mouth.

The third "tobacco tracking" to each pipe in the packaging a coded number, so smokers can clearly know how many cigarettes a day. Edmond Tsang said this was done to alert people to pay attention to their smoking behaviour.

Last call of "cigarette". Printed over the top of the cigarette butts by the calendar, it purpose is to tell people how much they smoked a cigarette, and remind them to smoke less cigarettes is equivalent to recovery a little bit.

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Small series is how difficult understanding chain smoker who quit smoking, master of product may not be immediate, because smoking is essentially a personal war. Only now, you're not alone in the battle, a larger weapon than unarmed chances of victory. Current products are not officially for sale, and we look forward to.


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