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Materialistic Apple Watch 10th on no expectations will not be disappointed

Updated June 07, 2015: digital Crown disposal


Jony Ive said in an interview with the financial times, watches and cell phones are not the same, when I was on iPhone, they despise their own phones; now watch, it is a group of people who love table, so they have great respect for things that already exist.

I understand meaning, iPhone is born to subvert the other phone, Apple Watch just to hold the watch became a classic and other brand watches as well.


Until the time of writing this article, I realized that he had bought a 3000 watch. Prior to that, I wear a 300 yuan in the domestic table, very common metal table, but it has been with me for several years.

Received on May 22 Sport Apple Watch, black 42mm. The next day, when charging, accidentally hit the ground, just like iPhone 5/5s, the border fell out of a small hole, the screen intact. Today, just 10 days, I wore it every day, I do not know why the Home keys (digital Crown) is a bit hard, not smooth, feel needs Lube. Ask Apple Watch colleagues say is the same way. Updated June 07, 2015: the Apple website help page says Apple Watch digital can be shut down in case the Crown directly flush with water. Incipio iPhone 6 Case


I never doubted that my watch will be the next important technology product category. But I do not know, are those who never wear watches began wearing a watch is very difficult, or let those who wear "traditional watch" people meters is very difficult.

I'm the latter, usually wearing a watch, and wore 4 Android Wear watches, wearing small black Pebble and Weloop. With these products, Apple Watch is significantly higher than a grade. 3 technology: Taptic Engine touch the engine, Digital Crown digital Crown and Force Touch is to address the interaction of small-screen devices. In particular, Taptic Engine, really subvert the "shock" that long features on the phone, I am afraid that only Apple can do it too. Raised bright screen, a simple function, and only Apple made it.

4 Incipio iPhone 6 5.5 case

Digital Crown is the Home key, and scroll wheel. Accustomed to wearing "traditional watch" who initially afraid to press down, this is subconscious. Especially Digital under the Crown and a as Home side keys. We used phones, start will subconsciously slip on the screen pages (even blocking the line of sight), rather than through the Digital Crown scroll. Until when you need to zoom the picture, only to find that Apple did not Watch the screen supports multi-touch, called only Digital Zoom Crown. Slowly, will use Digital Crown, but began to feel uncomfortable.

Force Touch is more difficult to find. Most people first, dial must be replaced. Android Wear are long, Apple Watch is to press down firmly. Problem is that Force Touch means "more options", but which interface down hard in the press can exhale, and which are not, mark. For now at least, most of the interface call out "more options". However, there is a skill to share, drop down the notification bar press, can be exhaled, "clear all" function.


Initially people thought it was the Home side keys is very interesting. In order to bring up the 12 most frequently used contacts, Apple should do a special button. My iPhone is not on the common contact (phone, personal collection), so the default is empty, you need to manually add up to 12 friends and relatives. Probably because they are too lazy, probably because it is too weak, I didn't fill it up with 12 people.

I have thought about it, Apple Watch if only one Digital Crown button it better. Like the iPhone, no matter where we go the maze, click (or a few) Home button will return to where you started and never confused.


Equally confusing, and Apple software design of the Watch. It has two desktops, one dials, one is a desktop app. On the dial, can drop like a iPhone to view notifications, you can also view the shortcut view on. On the other page, no-whether it's desktop app, or within the app page.

This involves Apple Watch design logic, and everyone will mistake: Apple Watch is not iPhone, don't want you to stare at it, but you can use it to quickly deal with the most important information. Two keywords is fast and important information, so keep in mind its desktop is the dial, rather intense fear of hate with desktop apps.


So, don't give Apple Watch installing any unnecessary third-party App (in my opinion, built-in application cannot deactivate is wrong, I don't want such a small screen, there's a I never use the "share" icon). Micro-while the guidelines are listed as Apple application, but the design is not wise and not allow me to see the most important information at the fastest rate, pass to friends is also unnecessary.

Believe me, all those who use Apple Watch will tell you, now third party App is not only designed to be evolutionary, and slow as hell. No matter what app is open, or open a feature to wait for Daisy go ... ... So, to the extent can not be used.


Apple Watch evaluation of foreign counterparts, I see the most sobering words: Watch the fitness function the same as the phone's camera, is a core feature. Best camera, is the most you want cameras best fitness Tracker, you will carry the product. If you are a sports person, Apple Watch replaces the current professional sports bracelet more than enough, its heart rate monitor accurate enough.

Whether it is waterproof, and battery life, users of Apple's initiative to reduce expectations for their products. In fact, Apple daily did a good waterproof Watch, short-term immersion is not a problem, don't wear a swim would be nice. Battery life, there is a general argument is that durable than iPhone, basic surplus every night anyway, but also needs to be plugged in overnight to wear the next day (actually less than 2 hours to full).

Incipio iPhone 6 5.5 case


I don't recommend you buy Apple Watch, but I am sure you won't be too long with Apple on Watch. Of course, if you're using the new iPhone. Main reason: mobile phones can do so much, but more and more, we definitely need another device to share the phone's functions. It now appears that watches are the most suitable for that device, though the first generation Apple Watch buggy, but it's still one of the best one.

Someone like me (pseudo digital enthusiasts), for Apple Watch a screening of the information, the life of a little bit of change, willing to accept "every day thinking about how to charge a device" and similar troubles. But you may not on the phone, sent an email, never set a few micro-messaging do not disturb ... ... So I do not recommend you to buy Apple Watch, but I am sure you Apple Watch or watch other people will more and more, and sooner or later you will become a member.


Virgo is intended for: who says the 10th on, you must write 10 articles? Is as a rule, drying hair.

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But Apple Watch after a few days I feel, watch the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Interaction on the watch is not only faster and less bother than phone to social, Apple Watch has another hidden benefit: it than phones are less likely to indulge in. In such a small screen, you can't do anything, so I don't have that feeling of being sucked and they get lost in electronic equipment. To me, that's the biggest difference between Apple Watch and mobile phone. Until now, Apple Watch is pure business, aim is purely to improve productivity. For some users, this point may be worth hundreds of dollars in price.

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