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Internet businesses into the car bottle gourd sell what

A few days ago, Apple made news of the major media, Apple has set up teams of up to 1000 people, tap the horse cars of Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, caused concern.

Domestic Internet companies are not idle. Recently, the outgoing Baidu deep learning laboratory with Research Institute of highway the Ministry of transport to complete framework cooperation agreement, the driverless car has reached the site and basic data collection phase of the trials.

Almost at the same time, SAIC and Alibaba announced joint venture will set up a 1 billion yuan of "Internet car Fund". According to reports, the Fund will promote "Internet car" development and operation platform

Then came a very lively music depending on the car, and Huawei and Dongfeng Windlink, Chinese IT enterprise crowding together of the Internet already has too many cars.

Now popular across borders, but so many IT companies in other industries do not span the Internet and cross-border auto industry? What is the purpose of the lot of them?

The three levels of cross-border car

These days, Internet automotive, telematics, smart car, the concept of new energy vehicle fired heavily, but the direction is completely different.

This easy to read, but you can read that we only have to remember one important point, and that is how to make money.

The first level, sell your car to make money.

First of all, cars are a commodity, can make money by selling cars. Internet companies, IT companies build cars sell your car, you can get money, this is the Internet IT businesses across borders make the first level of the car.

Cross-border car, business continuity is because the main ceiling or bottleneck requires a new business for growth, gives shareholders looking earnings numbers. Apple-made electric cars, ready to build electric cars, are things at that level.

Of course, car trouble making. Electric vehicle without engine gearbox, theory is simple, but not easy. Fix close system of tens of thousands of parts suppliers, design a compliance standard, through a variety of tests, wind and rain for 10 years the bad cars, do not take off layers of skin are not acceptable.

The second level, the entry money.

Addition to other cars can be sold, the owner is to consume, and owner of consumption above the entrance is on the motor car. The O2O entrance of this inlet is a natural, and connectivity entrance, very big value.

Apple Carplay competition, Baidu CarLife Huawei Windlink is the entrance. OtterBox iPhone 6 Case

Ali and SAIC's 1 billion yuan of "Internet car Fund", Rob is also the entrance.

Because machine is pre-loaded, so Ali and Shanghai cooperation, preparing his entrance into SAIC motor, Dongfeng and Huawei and cooperation prepared inside the entrance to the Dongfeng Automobile Company.

Apple and Baidu to smart, machine comes pre-loaded with can only be on a firm, time-consuming, but also to unify the hardware configuration of the machine. Carplay runs on the phone, no matter what brand models, as long as a standard interface line, is more popular.

The consumer portal, connectivity can be built behind the entrance of many new business models, and not build cars so much, so are the focus of companies present rivalry.

The third level, sell unmanned artificial intelligence system to make money. OtterBox iPhone 6 Case

Drone is a product after a gradual development of automotive electronics from ABS, the most simple electronic auxiliary, our common automatic parking, cruise control, automatic cars, while the highest level was unmanned.

Unmanned future is part of the auto configuration and function of all the high-end models of the car will be unmanned. Auto companies cannot own all such difficult things, need to have a supplier, the supplier can make a lot of money.

Drone requires a high level of artificial intelligence, Baidu now and the Ministry of transport and roads Institute of science and drone are the things at this level, it is very difficult, but once it gains greatly.

Three levels of relation

If the PC metaphor of the Internet IT auto cross-boundary vehicle these three levels, Apple, TV plus the equivalent of Lenovo, Haier computer is hardware based. However auto giants that many, even if China can overcome all kinds of difficulties created, is just one of many manufacturers.

Current consumption of individual firms are trying to compete for entrance, equivalent to the browser on a PC. We all hope that with their own browser, navigation channel consumers to their Web page above, then there are a variety of advertising, downloads, e-commerce spending, into the game. The benefits were immediate, so the parties are struggling to compete.

Unmanned in the Baidu the equivalent Windows PC operating system. PC makers can thousands of Windows, browsers can have hundreds, but are installed in the Windows operating system.

If Microsoft is not afraid of defendants monopolistic, Windows can only use IE browser, developed by user to a Microsoft Web site, then the other browser entry is meaningless.

While Baidu is doing the drone was in the Windows of the car.

Future smart car is only a machine, is controlling the unmanned computers, the computer decided to all acts of the owner and car, as well as consumer behavior.

For example, car owners are going to have France dinner, he does not need to be in the car on the screen, enter France dinner, and then search the map, set the navigation, and then to the consumer.

Driverless car scene. Should be the owner of one, I want to eat France dinner by auto use of artificial intelligence in natural language dialogue with the owners, recommended restaurants and dishes, determined automatically at the set time after driving to the hotel parking, or even make a reservation and pay the Bills.

In the process of consumption of the owners, guide consumption of artificial intelligence in the car, and the artificial intelligence the same human self-driving cars. Whoever this artificial intelligence, who mastered all entrances.

Three, different stages of interest

Three levels of hierarchy theory is the third highest unmanned artificial intelligence, but this does not mean that the third level the most money.

Currently, the entrance to the second level can guide the consumer straight away, who can seize the entrance, who will be able to make the first bucket of gold.

Seen from the current situation, machine comes pre-loaded with easy, Ali 1 billion investment with an SAIC not too much benefit, but Apple as influential, may be a step ahead of universal Carplay, while others will be marginalized in a few years, in Carplay develop applications, Apple will first eat the largest cake.

In terms of building cars, in theory, Apple, music video has the opportunity, but actually very high barriers to entry in the automotive industry, profitability threshold higher, see Enterprise can make in the short term profit potential, even Apple needs a relatively long periods of time. This profit is still very long.

At the highest level of unmanned AI, outside Google, Baidu in China (China you know), the two companies make unmanned artificial intelligence can only spend money in the short term, do not make money, lose the sale. But with advances in technology and the popularity of unmanned, they would rise in a few years, they will become the monopoly supplier of car companies on the one hand and earned a lot of money on one hand they will replace Carplay master consumption and connectivity entrance, become masters of the new business model and connectivity, and when the master means the entrance tickets, the interests behind the great can be invaluable.

OtterBox iPhone 6 Case

So, why IT Internet enterprises across borders to the automotive industry, in the final analysis is to make money, is the difference made between them, some don't make; make, some made long term; some make a little money, and some money.

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