Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ford launched the electric bike handlebars available finger road

Ford launched the electric bike: handlebars available finger road

In this week's MWC on, there is a bike enthusiast exciting news: Ford exhibited a set of smart bicycle products.

This group of products called Mode:Me and Mode:Pro, respectively, can be connected to the Smartphone. Bike through the handle navigation, needed hand shakes when steering. The bike can also remind people of the dangers of front or rear, and communicate with other vehicles, even when their phones while in a tank of the bike, and for charging the mobile phone. Michael Kors iPhone 6 Cases

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Two smart bicycles offer motorized pedal assistance and can be adjusted. When people ride feel is difficult, this feature can reduce the burden on them. As far as specifications, both bikes equipped with 200-watt motor and a 9 hour battery can provide up to 25km/h pedal support.

The only difference between the two prototypes only in size. MoDe:Me is a compact folding bikes, and the MoDe:Pro primarily for commercial use within the city, such as bike messengers. In addition, the greater this product developed by a Ford team, and is supported by the bike manufacturer Dahon.

Of course, if you want to use all functions, you also need to install MoDe:Link app on your Smartphone. The app can not only provide navigation information, you can also control other features of the bike. For example, you can use it to open on the handlebars of a bicycle light.

In fact, Ford is not the first company that offered such concepts. Visiobike already have a product, you can provide a rear view camera, GPS records and security control. But Visiobike is a large mountain bike products, Ford products more compact. Michael Kors iPhone 6 Cases

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