Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Puyang Puyang introduction to embroidery embroidery pictures

Embroidery of traditional folk craft in Puyang, origins very early, the book is "clothing painted and embroidered skirts" records, Tang and Song dynasties, has reached a level, Liang Jian opened in the five dynasties, embroidered rate used to write the ODE of praise to its exquisite art, said, "of all things, multitude of form". Old Meng Meng Hua Lu also specializes in embroidery "embroidered in silk cotton and paper", Prime Minister in the temple selling embroidery market. Ming, Tu long painting depicting contained: "song Zhiwen's Boudoir painting and landscape character, towers, birds, sewing fine, not exposed seam ... ... Workers skillfully, fingers the spring breeze ". Stitch 5

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