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Did you ever see such a light air conditioning sister can carry full turn

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Did you ever see such a light air conditioning, sister can carry full turn! 20160516-noria-1

After the one-hand dispenser, I think soft girls and would anger a new skill: single hand carry air conditioning!

However, air conditioning a big lump, what to carry?

Summer has arrived, the temperature rises, air conditioning is a fixture of modern life, of nature. If you don't have central air conditioning, and abandon Cabinet, large window, wall damaged painting, machine is stupid and ugly, then you can think about love curious, here's the portable air conditioning-Noria. Everying? Portable? Yes, it means that you can go with it filled the room, which House to go with which House is the concept of subversion?! OK, don't say much, watch a video promo, after reading you're surprised JAWS! Alexander Mcqueen iPhone case

How about, it's wicked!

20160516-noria-2 20160516-noria-3

First of all, Noria look cool! The Windows machine you normally see is to take up the whole window, and see no beauty in appearance. Noria main body type is equivalent to an ordinary projector, only 40% of the ordinary Windows machine, but cooling capacity can reach 5000BTU. White metal bracket can be fixed under the window, about 20CM, the width and the same width as the window (shelf is Shen show yo, pull to your satisfaction), with hanging slots, easy hanging and push and pull hosts. Shelf fixing after the Noria hosts can be inserted in the holes, half outside, half to stay in the room. Indoor section high enough 20CM, about 10CM, four corners is the perfect arc, outside the box for the white metal, the outlet at the top, black panel, on the right there is a circular spin, with a different color temperature, light beautiful and mellow. This here to allow guests to guess what, I believe few can guess right, because unlike the impression of air conditioning in appearance.

20160516-noria-4 20160516-noria-5

And then talk about the highlights. Noria built into the software connected to the phone. If you don't want to get up to temperature, can sit on the couch or lying in bed, open the phone to call, is the lazy man's Gospel.


The last back to the original topic – packed. Designers selected for Noria and lightest materials, overall weight is much different from domestic ordinary projectors. Even if you are weak sister, carrying it da breath on the floor completely effortless.

20160516-noria-7 20160516-noria-8

Designer: Noria Home

Alexander Mcqueen iPhone 5


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