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Thumb buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues

  In 2010, Apple made a a milestone in the history of portable computing, jobs with a do not know who to conquer the mobile computing market with the iPad quickly, there was a long period of time, most people predict the iPad tablet is expected to replace the laptop, led, became the standard for mobile computing. In fact, the desire of most people today temporarily failed to achieve.

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  Of course, the Tablet PC surge in popularity is certain things, even though they are everywhere, but the laptop is still the major force in mobile computing, not only optional high and stable to use, hardware performance is the most important, Microsoft's Surface product also show that performance is important, by virtue of which a little more than a tablet computer can do is beyond doubt.

  To tell the truth, choose a suitable notebook computer is not so easy, because each brand products in design and has many significant differences in hardware, you may have to think about portability, Office entertainment or just to be able to move to the bed, and so on, what you consider buying laptops? Below we share some experience, might not necessarily apply to everyone, but don't know what novices will definitely help.

Thumb: buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues

  Mac or PC?

  Now choose the Mac or the PC is no longer a controversial issue, and many people buy a laptop with a belief to buy, but always need to make a choice between the two, Mac and PC now has many computing devices should have common functionality, and differences in design and software is more obvious.

  Apple has a strong brand awareness, launch product upgrades are usually very cautious, all standards set by Apple and PC any manufacturer can create different specifications of the PC. This creates a Mac device personality manifestation. Apple will tell you, what do you buy the Mac, Mac and all are from the same ecosystem. It is because of this, Apple's technical support has been put in place, even if it is one solution to the problem.

Thumb: buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues

  Quality of design is one of the Apple logo. Mac products are designed to look elegant as the goal at the beginning of, and this was extended to Apple's operating system Mac OS x. Apple computer usually comes pre-loaded with a special software, but each application having appropriate to their tasks, or edit video or music. Latest Mac uses the fastest hardware is the norm, so users who want to have enough computing performance will not disappoint, and Mac performance in daily use of the stable, the good. But as we all know, Apple's Mac pricing is not cheap.

  Because Apple's stringent design criteria, whether amateur or veteran, select the Mac can quickly pick up their own style, but Mac's rigid standards also means that the device can be customized very few degrees of freedom, often when the permanent use of a hardware, almost too much room to upgrade. In addition, Apple sold at a specific time period only a few different models, old selectively discontinued, for new models to create advantage.

  In contrast, the PC variety of categories a little hard to believe, more than dozens of companies worldwide to design and manufacture PC, uneven quality and price, for the most part depends on product positioning and brand concept. Performance PC over Mac minority, many OEM manufacturers for certain purposes even custom PC for consumers, such as specially designed for gaming or mobile office. Meanwhile, the PC select Windows as the operating system, the actual experience is more open than the Mac OS x, many Mac software available on the Windows. In addition, the Windows are usually standard game development and many business-critical projects.

  In short, Mac and PC, select more eco-system is selected, or you're loyal to the platform, if you want your computer to a high degree of freedom, or tailored to specific tasks require specialized hardware, the PC must choose more.

  Touch screen: useful or a tease?

  The popularity of Tablet PCs and smart phones, touch screen is also accepted by the people, so many laptop manufacturers displayed their products by integrating touch screens. In fact, the Windows from Windows 8 started considering touch screens, whether the navigation bar or the menu options, the layout is more suitable for touch screens, from Windows 8 Tablet PC, you can find a lot of useful sign function and improve operational efficiency.

  However, the touch screen is a double-edged sword, which is obvious. First of all, with a touch screen laptop price is higher than conventional models. Secondly, the touch screen is not perfect in many areas, prone to mad in the process. In addition, in a traditional laptop use, touch screen experience less convenient than the Tablet, you may need to lean forward, we can better touch screen, a lot of people will feel very uncomfortable.

Thumb: buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues

  Some OEM manufacturers have recognized the problem, so now new design of notebook computers, many styles with a touch screen keyboard can be folded to the back of the screen to simulate the tablet to make it easier to use the touch screen. However, the design of variable quality, you may need to be careful when using. To note is that Windows 10 has improved a lot, but Microsoft is more optimized for the traditional mouse and keyboard, you can find on the Internet found the touch experience than Windows users complaining about Windows 10 8. Taken together, the laptop with touch screen really isn't that important.

  Laptop type Valentino iPhone plus case

  Laptop style though, but can be divided into several types, in particular according to the specific use and design. When you buy a laptop, select suitable category is very important. We might for example below of some type.

  -Entry level

  Laptop prices are high or low, lots of factory production price of less than 3000 laptop designed specifically for users who need simple functions, such as word processing or Web browsing. Want to save money, entry level laptop best, but this laptop is really only designed for basic tasks, there will be no powerful hardware, graphics, memory, and storage are very small and don't expect to be very smooth and fast multitasking, will not play games.

  About getting started and the laptop, there is a very important point, that is, SSD. In our view, no matter how cheap laptop, SSD performance impact is very significant. In addition, you may also need to meet the ergonomic design of the keyboard and trackpad, and more suitable for your own use, the better.


Thumb: buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues

  Intel is keen to develop standards for hardware, so Intel reference design PC many years, is widely known for the Internet. Super very this also is Intel reference design of a, it has NetBook of super thin convenience sex, but not to sacrifice performance for cost, internal of hardware are has strictly of standard requirements, like not need mechanical hard disk and as less of interface, only up to decisive role of hardware is Intel of cool core processor, because performance not weak plus sophisticated of thin design, a Taiwan Super very this of price often also is expensive.

  -2-in-1 device

Thumb: buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues

  This type of equipment in nearly two years, main feature is available in Tablet and laptop to switch between Forms, design also is in favor of the Tablet's usability and convenience. Appearance probably has two forms, one with a hinged keyboard can be flipped to the back of the screen, the second is a keyboard and screen can be completely isolated, directly to the screen is a tablet.

  2-in-1 versatility of the equipment provides the best so that you do not need a separate buy Tablet PCs and laptops, but they are not the best mobile devices, some equally obvious, that is, weight and price. The same configuration, 2-in-1 device prices are several times higher than traditional laptops.

  -Business laptop

Thumb: buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues

  Suit and a latte, seems to have become the symbol of business people. However, in order to bring professional, they also need a laptop as a status symbol. Many business laptops usually boast internal supporting the professional software and hardware-specific, such as for video editing, presentation or conference call. As business laptop used to work a lot of work, has a longer battery life is important, but quality is not too bad, at least able to cope with long-term business trip out without a problem. In view of the high functionality and quality, business notebook price is very high.

  -Desktop replacement types

Thumb: buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues

  Admittedly, desktop product allure has always been very high, because they can have a strong performance by connecting a large size display and full keyboard, used as an Office than a laptop more comfortable. Desktop but the desktop cannot be mobile device is also very obvious, requires a great deal of space to carry, independent power supply.

  For desktop performance and working comfort reluctant consumers, they usually choose to some extent, have the advantages of desktop laptop, screen sizes are 15 inches or more, thus greatly reduced the portability of such products, regular mobile office may also need to take into account a full backpack.

  Since it can be used as a desktop replacement, larger screen to watch movies and video viewing experience much natural, and may also be equipped with a good sound system, which some home theater entertainment. In addition, the large laptop touchpad and full keyboard with number keys design.

  -Gaming laptop

Thumb: buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues

  With the perfection of chip performance, gaming laptop has become very powerful, and even some performance in 3D graphics comparable to high-end desktop and mixed with large amounts of memory and powerful cooling solution. Meanwhile, to enthusiast, gaming laptop keyboard has a special design, accuracy and shortcut keys two major considerations.

  Gaming laptop priced at the top of the laptop for a long time, are very expensive, and in order to accommodate the hardware and screen, the whole is relatively heavy. Of course, players usually do not bring my laptop out, we rarely see that users use notebook computers to play games, after all, requires battery high nor realistic. Valentino i6 plus case


  No matter what kind of computer, hardware is often qualified by the decided tasks, laptops as well. Better hardware nature is expensive, so what are you going to use a laptop, and decided what kind of hardware do you need to buy a laptop. If it is only for general purposes, such as using the Internet or with some simple work, could have taken into account the high end processor and video card laptop.



  Regardless of any computing device, CPU core hardware is always, at any time, task needs to access or change data, then CPU is responsible for this task, so better CPU can provide faster speeds, because more large amounts of data could be processed.

        -Video card and sound

  Display images on a video screen is mainly responsible for this one. Most portable computers are used in nuclear imaging, even significant independence is integrated on the motherboard, not designed like desktops, so it's hard to see how much laptop graphics performance leap in performance improvement. For most users, the video card is not less important consideration, unless the purpose is games, professional 3D modeling or rendering, and so on.

  Laptops usually have built-in speakers, generally speaking, their effects are not very exaggerated, could design a subwoofer, but most are simple stereo experience. To tell the truth, purchase notebook speakers do not need to be the key factor, because you connect headphones or external speakers, experience is often better.

Thumb: buy a laptop you will need to consider these issues


  Main memory used to store the computer use and access information immediately, any any relate to memory that is in use on the computer, in essence, more memory, you can open, the more the number of processes, memory was better as well, provided that the performance of CPU and graphics card memory allows you to further play.


  Storage is mainly used to store the data, most of the personal data, including programs, videos, music and more, large-capacity hardware can easily meet today, but can be used on solid state drives are still relatively rare, and notebooks equipped with SSD capacity is not large, but at the cost of storage performance, can often make you feel performance boost.

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