Thursday, July 28, 2016

CJ 2016 VR content liquidations and developers seem to have divided

In previous years, as in July, Shanghai hot shame, it seems to be able to explain the many game developers and players passion for the ChinaJoy. Before the show began, many companies have opened various warm-up activities, such as their friends crowding the screen of the Sony. Century Park in Shanghai, Central Europe organised by the helmet hardware vendor friends VR game developer contest, also attracted a lot of attention.

CJ 2016 | VR content liquidations, and developers seem to have divided

In addition to watching their demo, Lei feng's network before the match (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) simply interview the developers, as a VR content providers they, Daydream, VR content on Google's views. GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

Google I/O Conference this year announced plans to Daydream, which would no doubt VR content developers now have a certain impact. In the interview, said domestic developers, Daydream was cured by Android phone has a standard, which is more like the phone parameter, only up to a certain parameter, can say that this phone is VR cell phone. Users without VR feature, it will be their choice phone indicators, like a cell phone camera pixels, is how many mega pixels does not matter, it is important to have this feature. There are developers that, after cell phone equipped with Daydream, and will be adding more control, the original tray of glasses can only click, lack of central control. GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

In addition, the VR content development team realized how to VR before the widespread popularity of "alive", is one of the challenges to the VR industry. However, each team has their own coping strategies.

GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

Shanghai Meng Guo Web developers says, they take a shorter development cycle, to new games to try. "Because the short development cycle to ensure completion of the product faster, not because of money and costs into a larger project, resulting in big losses, to adapt to the living environment. "They actively cooperate and some online store, also b-oriented side project.

Beijing vision network co-founder to, due to the c-terminal of a disadvantage, they start on the b-end of the market-oriented, and the combination of software and hardware, through games and non-helmet hardware bundled form, profit. Magic-vision's chief operating officer, said they currently have no income, all costs are invested in content development, online business models have only just begun to explore, while getting cold, but the "good teams still have a chance to get investment, mainly depends on the product and the team's advantage."

The profit model of collaboration and offline store, developers believe that this exploration, hope that offline experience richer. 5-10 were massively multiplayer online experience, for example, that play obviously feel different at home and store, but it is also a charm of the offline experience.

CJ 2016 | VR content liquidations, and developers seem to have divided

Net cash issue of Lei Feng also asked foreign developers, some believe that before people begin to buy the game, prior to even buy a VR helmet, require developers to a good number of games, helmet and now apparently is not good enough, after a few years when more helmet is better, people will start buying. Some developers say some offline experience places in the United States also began to appear, VR experiences in the United States is even called a "killer application", a lot of people to experience, but they want to do to create a thing of value, when the game has its own value, it will boost sales.

Obviously, due to the different market conditions, developers on how to make money at home and abroad that have their own vision and understanding, as well as coping strategies.

Even with this or that challenges lie ahead, on July 28, the final scene, we see a lot of creative work of VR. The final total of 16 team of VR games at home and abroad (11 and 5 foreign country) attend, demo scene groups, judges have experienced all of the games before the match, demonstrating after the judge, domestic team brings the skull sea and BombU respectively second and third.

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