Saturday, April 4, 2015

Art against Heaven's Hospital: Sant Pau Hospital

The Budapest Hotel, small love movie, the perfect combination of romanticism and dark humor. Director Wes Anderson uses a powder to get fed up with color to interpret an actually murderous story, makes a blue glistening with a hint of humanity's "yesterday's world" is charged with controversy. Of course, color thanks to the genius of the film director, he is master of color aesthetics used to the extreme.

Today we shall look at the building, the same aesthetics using color to the Max. Present at the scene at the beginning, you're not going to believe it is at all hospitals! If small series to introduce all of Japan Yoshido acupuncture homes clean to intoxicate, São Paulo, Holy Cross Hospital in Barcelona (Sant Pau Hospital) can be described as art was playing God. iPhone 4 bamboo case

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The hospital in 1997 was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, was a modernist architect Llu í s Dom è NECH I Montaner's work. Now completed renovation by photographer David Cardelus photograph and share with its new look. Cardelus hospital described as "city in the city", perhaps because the hospital is composed of 6 small hospitals merge and become, a red brick building surrounded by gardens, rather, "let life be beautiful like summer flowers" the poetic, significantly downplayed the discomfort of the hospital. Colourful mosaic of towers or domes, very much in line with the art nouveau style of architectural decoration and full of vitality. After you enter the room, everywhere has elaborate ornamentation of pillars and ceilings to allow hospitals out of the stereotype of lifeless, and space, architectural lines smooth while much savored the mood even more, how can read the disease immediately fled after that?

Let us hold your breath, breath after enjoying the stunning beauty of it now!

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