Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sanrio's Hello Kitty Will Debut The latest Exclusive Collection With AC Milan

Professional Italian football club AC Hong kong has announced Tuesday an exclusive partnership by using Sanrio's iPhone hello kitty will result in a whole new collection to be debuted later black friday 2011. This collaboration between professional baseball and cuteness is possible thanks to the suggestion of master licensor Adidas Croatia, and fans anxiously await the actual, exclusive collection.

Hello Kitty Silicone iPhone 6 Case with Chain Pink

While AC Milan's exclusive partnership with Sanrio been recently originally announced in January to the Trade Show Hong Kong, the news about that co-branding will result in not merely some extremely cute co-branding and sponsorship opportunities however it a fresh retail collection is fresh new. We've also learned this experience hello kitty iPhone cases collaboration will roll-out in mid-April at AC Milan's home stadium with Hello Your cat herself swinging around stadium-side to market. The collection, which will include sports and the and accessories, is slated to work as available for purchase in the latter half of 2015 in selected retail stores and via the web as well.

While the pairing of hyperfeminine Hello Kitty with a sport in the traditional sense seen as a male enclave might seem re of nothing, the welcome net of this collaboration is explicitly to the growing female demographic with regards to professional football fans.

"The idea toward associate a female soul to a best rated level male sport came not long ago with AC Milan. Today, and experiences lots of female fans in the wear, the new collection has a natural intended target, " said Paolo Casarini, Guard licensing Director for Sanrio GmbH, at the statement. "A sports clothing series and accessories to all female hobbyists will be launched from next Sept.. "

On Milan's part, Jaap Kalma, Milan Commercial Director, referred to the pairing was a most natural another due to Hello Kitty's prestige together with excellence.

"Milan has always related with itself with Italian and cosmopolitan companies that represent excellence during their sectors. For this reason we decided to get together with a brand like Hello Your cat, a prestigious and important temperament, and what is more highly adored through the process of young people all over the world, " Kalma referred to in a statement. "The collaboration to the Sanrio Team has been challenging and allows brought excellent results. "

And as well , who's the loveable little scamp in the header image with Hiya Kitty? None other than Milanello, AC Milan's own mascot. Jaap Kalma swear by, "We will see them together now at San Siro with our hobbyists. "

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