Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day camp is not worried, "earthly stars" give you light

This national holiday is there plans to go camping on the outskirts? Toy Story phone case

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At night when you are lying in a dark tent, if even a little bit of light, are going to feel less lonely, cold. Designed by architect Yu Yunjo and Kim Seunghyun's notion of an ingenious camping lantern, conveniently donkey friends will bring help.

The Lantern has a very nice name--Like Stars on Earth (earth stars), unique because of its design. Overall structure consists of two parts, respectively in sucking each other on both sides of the tent to fit, not only can provide lighting for tents, can also provide light in a tent outside, strong light emitted towards the inner side of the, and out of that part of the amount of light would be much weaker.

If it is American Pie: Band Camp, big night out, guys can also be arranged in a special pattern, so that man can find his camp at a glance. It is worth mentioning that, Like Stars on Earth takes a touch-sensing design, just use your fingers to gently touch the lamp, you can turn on or off, it can give people a feeling of sleep at home.

You can easily adjust the location of camping lights inside the tent, just with a slight back and forth and it will move, and not easily fall down, read a book or something in the tent is not a big problem. iPhone 5 Toy Story case

Like Stars on Earth the size of Palm, very handy, they wanted to order some tents, bring along a Pocket off right!


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