Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our own Tampa Bay Lightning Rocketman: Who's this dude?

Have you noticed your ex boyfriend? It's kind of hard not to.

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He is the astronaut sitting on the mirror at the Tampa Bay Lightning baseball games. Recently, he's been ending up with a lot of attention during the playoffs on tv, as well as online.

AstroMan, Astronaut your man … the names go on and on. Unfortunately his official name is the Malektronic Rocket Man.

No one really realises what to call him because -- well, he doesn't speak. Really, it's unclear when he really turned up.

What is clear is how could started.

No, he isn't random guy in a weird costume. Of, he is a Tampa Bay Turbo fan.

No, it's not a real location suit.

Today we found out the key he actually wears it!

Anything started as a marketing gig with the "Rocket Speaker. " It's a the now necessary wireless and bluetooth portable speaker that can be used anywhere and it's really made by Malektronic.

The name "Rocket" grabbed the higher-ups at Malektronic thinking: We need to get a guy in a space address at the games. The Rocket Phone speaker was a giveaway at several Turbo home games, even featured over a jumbotron quite a bit.

Since Malektronic Rocketman has gotten popular, he has as much as seen dancing and distracting one other teams, hanging out with the Lightning's mascot, Thunderbug, even riding the Zamboni at the games.


Free of charge, he's a real dude who has got some serious attention and now he has headed to ESPN. After being ensnared on quite a few highlights, the fitness network has invited the Malektronic Rocketman up to Bristol, Connecticut to hold out at the studios!

Safe to state his efforts are truly out of this industry.

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