Saturday, May 30, 2015

McDonald's also can read in peace: noise elimination JOE

Fast-food restaurants often can see 32 students in a glass of water, accounting for a corner, sitting one afternoon in front of open workbooks. Noisy environment around us, how can we not become a distracting elements? Office areas, due to lack of room, there are meeting to discuss debate at the side of the station, these are regarded as noise pollution, right? It looks like white devices speaker named JOE. It can be your great partner, make your own quiet space to work anywhere, anytime. notebook solar charger

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When the surrounding noise distractions, JOE can produce white noise (Wikipedia's official explanation is that is a random signal power spectral density is a constant or random process. That is, the signal's power is the same in all frequency bands). In simple terms, can shade out surrounding noise, so you can focus on. Please imagine a screen: Although you cannot choose to shut the door, but you like Yo in only your own bubble ... ... lenovo solar charger

Designer: Schmitt l รจ Nicolas&H e ne Casado


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