Thursday, October 1, 2015

Apple iPhone 5S version 16G

Well-known peripherals manufacturer Morse (Moshi) on Tuesday released SenseCover, a side designed for iPhone 5s and 5C clamshell case, this product's main feature is the embedded sensors allow users to not open protective cover case answering the phone. Swarovski Galaxy S4 Case

Swarovski Galaxy S4 Case

Moshi says this product uses exclusive technology in protecting the front is equipped with a series of touch-sensitive metal plate, metal plate is sliding on the iPhone screen to unlock or slide to answer position. Protect shell above the front opening, easy for users to see the caller name information, of course, can also be used to check the time. Of course, when users need to use the iPhone, just open SenseCover, cover will automatically by magnet adsorption on the back cover. All the buttons are on the iPhone can be accessed when using the SenseCover, including front-and rear-facing cameras. Swarovski Galaxy S4 Case

Moshi this product like the Samsung Galaxy series S-View clamshell case released, allowing users to not open the protection case use equipment. SenseCover currently has two colors, priced at $ 40.

Source: cnbeta

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