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Bei Kong xiangxi battle service robots in this category in the consumer mind

Each University academician, Professor, doctor, doctors often share their academic research on the various summits, laboratory studies of cognitive or amazing results, but once the results of these studies by one of their students after putting it into industrialization, usually caused uproar, such as Hong Kong University academic research in Xinjiang, Northern youth to Ninebot.

Recently, yuyao Summit service robots of robot in this forum, we see another University's academic youth, Dr beiligong Kong Xiangzhan, robot-Forum on Summit, You Er Robotics CEO. Officially announced that they will be released into the accumulation of 10 years of academic career in the industry, before the official know what they need to do, about what you have to do is look at him first how to understand.

Robots in this category in the consumer's mind is not

We have a tech man, spent 10 years in various technical and accumulate, never build prototypes, to get through the industrialization of products and a hole in the end and think, we ought to give these features a try. Put in 3 years Qian, I if daily not painting points figure, not wrote points code on will was anxiety, disturbed; fear graduated yihou find not to work, in this situation Xia, we on future exists with a confused, later robot industry to outlet yihou, we think to test about, it does hard, but has many fun, research has one years of robot industry, think see has some different of place.

Industrial robot is years has, here not more said, actually more big of blue is service robot, surface although compared more, but face family of this block special difficult do, may it early half step is died, late half step is died, is may miss trip, plus it itself is a consumption class of electronic products, very difficult do, user on it very of demanding, and is a blue sea, blue is future, may thousands of km yiwai has tablets blue sea, but you not know it of route in which, it need determine a route, in rocks Qian arrived destination, Then may hold up a greater age of sail, this is at our discretion.

But household service robot of market, including soft silver Pepper also in attempts to, what it from which points Shang outbreak, this is very worth research of, I with more than 500 multiple founder repeatedly discussion had one years, now of products coincide degrees special high, like sweep machine has must of market, but it is to household appliances of identity into market of, not is strictly meaning Shang of robot, robot this category in consumers brain in also no, that road stopped a consumers, asked he what is household robot, he didn't concept, So you want to reshape the product concept in his mind, it is very, very difficult.

Another domestic robots in case of no category, there is no classification of certain things, there, it's toys, we are looking at now is basically a toy fun such a position to cut, but in this case, and toys in the area of competition.

But we why also to do this pieces things does, I see has Word, through himself of efforts to gets achievements sense, like meet uncertainty brings of challenge, venture on like jumped cliff, you in landing of time to long Shang wings, and not said you has has has wings again to jumped cliff, actually it of risk is very big of, but we wants to try a try.

Currently only discredit lead

First technology into life has sentence slogan, technology change life, everyone are know, but robot this products, is technology led life, although on two a word of change, but it difference is big, because people of needs is endless of, now people of needs always leading Yu technology of progress, in living of appropriate of a points Shang, artificial intelligence of based in a breakthrough of points Shang, and human of consumption upgrade also in a points Shang, in this points Shang, we think one years to two years yihou, has a very big of opportunities window.

From Kevin Kelly told future of social is a people machine fusion of social, robot Summit of theme also are is people machine fusion, may 50 yihou, community has half is robot, has half is people, but from human-computer interaction, to people machine cooperation, again to people machine fusion, it has is long a article road to go, it inside involves of technology, has many has perfect, but also has many to be breakthrough, now in has breakthrough of a Eve.

We want to break through is the key to the past research results into practice, to achieve real progress, further progress.

In order to improve practice

So we make a robot. First of all I want to say is that the robot what it have to do with the existing products on the market are different.

First, it is the emotional expression of a robot, with 36 types of facial expressions, vivid body language, so it has a "Reiki". Behind this aura is based on hundreds of expressions of emotion-driven; HD touch display + voice + AI e-expression + multi-dimensional interaction of body language.

Bei Kong xiangxi battle: service robots in this category in the consumer mind not | Robot-China Summit

Second, our starting point is a location of robots + fashion, the grounding position is for a robot to survive the first condition. We added to the products with customized fashion, it is possible to open a custom-oriented industry chain, which in the end I will talk about in detail.

The rest, are its basic functions

Third, the built-in 8 cores to be human intelligent controller chip, autonomous robot operating system, artificial cloud services based on deep learning, semantic analysis of natural-based intelligent voice technology.

 Finally, video call, anytime, anywhere, with the accompanying mobile phone remote interconnection, control, security monitoring; smart home network central control node; and intelligent hand loop extensions-aware modules such as interoperability.

 Finally, all 28 precision sensors, like people get environmental information such as vision, hearing, touch;, intelligent filtering of multi-sensor information fusion technology, has developed information "hippocampus"; binocular stereo space technologies. Moschino N4 case

Our core team has over 10 years of robotic technology accumulation, 30% PhD, team and beiligong, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of automation, robotics industry has a wide range of close cooperation, therefore, in robot design, navigation planning, intelligent recognition, computer vision, human-computer interaction, and move the spirit of accumulated technologies and products, you can rest assured. Moschino Galaxy Note 4 case

Through meticulous research and design, we thought it was some "spiritual" robots, and main robot fashion, why cut it?

Bei Kong xiangxi battle: service robots in this category in the consumer mind not | Robot-China Summit

Service robots are not pursuing higher productivity but to meet custom priority  

Yiqian of industrial revolution are is pursuit more high of productivity, and this personalized custom, this small scale of more varieties of production will became mainstream, factory how reform, is consumers of data, then consumers of needs on very important, so, we this robot body has 28 a sensor, it will gets large of data to drive Hou end of production, traditional of value chain is linear of, from raw materials to consumers, to brand business, it of price gap very big, is a 2B2C of mode, But future of value network is to consumers for Center, through consumers data drive formed a mesh of new value network, this is fashion custom, designers design a paragraph is proud of products he will released to this network of Terminal, released to Terminal Hou, has love of people see this clothing it like, that on click, in phone Shang also can achieved this things, why to in robot Shang?

This above with has a binocular Visual, can on you of body size data for measurement, these data on can to clothing designer, we also cumulative has world the big more than 1000 over Designer, he will released they very led fashion of products, such, I think it will compared has hope formed a platform or said ecological, has has these data, has has these designers, other of General function it are has, video chat, daily dialogue, voice Assistant, intelligent home, cloud storage it are has, but not we of main , Our flagship is the "spiritual" and market to life. Health monitoring is very important, we have ingredients can also be customized on this in the future.

Written in the last

In now service robot prospects unknown of when, beiligong of this only team now released service robot, a still, smoke of means, will Hou Lei Feng network (search "Lei Feng network (search" Lei Feng network "public, concern)" public, concern) asked Kong xiangxi war, why in such of a situation Xia released, he said in this field research and accumulated has number 10, must do a products put to market Shang practice, to let they love years research of things has progress.

Of course we have not forgotten the boundary started from such a confused stage begins, not known until later "flying cloud" this flashpoint, but such a team, will become the next?

Moschino N4 case

Such a start-up team, technology, talent, survey, just published the ultimate practice, but practice is the key to see if their first shipments can from seed collected user data, then what break anything!


Bei Kong xiangxi battle: service robots in this category in the consumer mind not | Robot-China Summit

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