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Portraits Knownsec Zhao Confessions of a nuclear weapon free

Often think of death, this thing is good.

Zhao Wei with a calm smile on his face. Liu Hulan is a man who is probably the face. Disney iPhone case

Known as the coolest security company--CEO of knownsec, espousing ICBM. The name adult is called intercontinental ballistic missile, the missile is usually only a single purpose and that is to be nuclear weapons.

Portraits | Knownsec Zhao: Confessions of a nuclear-weapon-free

"Knownsec founder CEO:ICBM Zhao"

Of course, just talking with him, you feel talking to a nuclear warhead. Because you can feel him and nuclear have in common:

Think the world extremely unsafe;

Believe they are born with the ability to save the world's mission;

For world peace, ready to lie.

In short, the "peace and life" this option had been ripped from the dictionary of life.

Zhao Wei before I met, people will often be warned: he's a mildly paranoid. See you after he found out it was not so, he expected "serious".

People have looked up, seeing the near side of the Moon is tidally locked. Like Zhao led the brothers in the cyber world of fierce enemy, protect the security of large enterprises, admired for hackers, detectives for the customer.

It is hard to see, on the far side of the Moon is covered with scars of eons of meteorite impacts. Just like in more than 10 years ago, people believed that a firewall can protect against all attacks, solitary Preacher at that time Zhao was called a lunatic and fool millions of people.

Lakes legends about ICBM on the pitch is. Behind this bomb wounds, he is seldom mentioned.

Prophet of distress

I was very serious about saving the world. Until now, I meet people who Microsoft, Hello is: "Save the planet". Disney iPhone 6 Case

Take 270 since childhood of hard science fiction and numerous science fiction movie Zhao firmly believes that the online world is a cruel battle sooner or later. Zhao Wei, the world should "advance". Hackers and security soldiers should be on the Internet soon set off world war I, and not, as in 2006, only occasionally tapping into bank accounts to steal millions of dollars or something.

"The world should be scientific, perfect. While technology can change people. "It is unfortunate, he predicted that the world was late for a decade or more. In the same year he, stupid humans so no "way", no one cares riddled their weaknesses exposed in the cyber world, no one understood his worry about whether things really happen.

Five gear the pull back the bolt ready to fight nuclear weapons so "humbled" to everyone hanging and a glassy-eyed in the slow-moving world.

Of course, if he's just a wangren, then the wheel of time and left him only contempt and pity. However, he stood in the open network in the world, China, waiting for the black hat hackers formed groups, waiting for a white hat hacker gathering troops, waiting for the Internet such as tidal migration of residents here. Perhaps until the outbreak after snow, most people find Zhao dire predictions have been facts one by one to verify.

We (China) hackers like a superb skills of fishermen, each time falling harpoons can accurately capture a fish. Us to look around but lamented the master alone, but far from the ocean approaching a million tons of big ships. Sonar nets, prey after a clean sweep of all the worthless little fish thrown away.

Through technical means, United States can monitor any one specific location and phone records. For us, their threat is like God, we are completely transparent in front of them, the other a finger we spirits fly apart.

After 2013, most people finally quiet down and listen to "crazy" Zhao about his concerns. However before long seven years, Zhao will have plenty of time to experience alienation inconstancy.

From scientists to a beggar

Tough life generally do not need to explain, for example, in 2006, scientists at a monthly salary of $ 8000 security select McAfee resigned from the world's top security laboratories, an unknown company called knownsec is established. Knownsec used to save this shattered world that year with a bogus company should have all the makings.

Then several of our founders to carry seals, before each tender to find a copy shop to print bids, and then from the Pocket seal on the cover.

This is Zhao for five years after the company was founded "daily operation" description. When they had in fact relatively "decent", and the company was founded in the beginning of the winter of 2006 one night, our hero is squatting in a corner outside the Telecom building. His curse is North wind was torn to pieces by more than 10 degrees below zero, had been blown to the paralysis of ice hanging with his crop of cyanotic lips whispered prayers, hoping to guard big brother to see their more than 10 missed calls, mercy open the damn door.

It is all because the once respected scientist knownsec first item: for an operator to make a billing system security program. As operators busy business, security reform can only take place between 0:00-1:00. In order to complete the 20,000 worth of "big", Zhao had to work here every morning for two consecutive months. Obviously, likes to go to bed early and wake up later for security does not accept this arrangement.

No buses in the Middle, I spent fifty or sixty dollars for a taxi here, if you do nothing then spend money to take a taxi back and lose big. And is likely to guard big brother woke up on the way, I had to come back. So I knelt down at the corner of Lee. That kind of cold, deep down to no avail. Thankfully, I spent two hours, the dude finally opened the door face resentment.

Of course, for people who believe in your mission is to use technology to change the world, facial paralysis or something insignificant things. But this "dark project" near the end, when party a project leader, operators of a staff called Zhao to his Office to explain a "closeout" task: "you are not a hacker, and stealing a number of world of Warcraft should not be difficult, right? That's it, do not say anything, your a level 60 for my stolen account. Stolen our project acceptance check, you see the things simpler, right? "

Every day worries of future top hacker Zhao, was silenced by this choke.

"We are safe, we are not thieves. "

This is he left the man's last words. So Zhao knownsec was forged the first unfinished project, in the end he only got thousands of dollars of "frozen". Of course, his inner pride and calm, until he heard that the operators of the project budget is 1.5 million, and took the lives of some 300,000 price quote for traditional security vendors a security team, and yourself from the security team got money to pad the corner are one stop.

For a company, business model of the most important, followed by sales and technical; technical and r row boss, products in the second, operation and maintenance in the last and security operations after the sale of the item, it is 18 layers of hell inside the small corners.

Zhao Wei, knownsec is many years living in the corners.

Metal scar

My technique is so good, and I was helping them, why don't they use my product?

It used to bother Zhao for many years. Ten years ago they met Zhao, often ask him there is no "third kind"-firewalls, intrusion detection and antivirus, knownsec is heard in some Arabian nights-like high-tech protective product, most of them were very moved, and then walk away. Messy hate teeth itching leaving Zhao Wei in the wind.

Zhao suddenly found his own company called knownsec, but some "Tao" themselves do not "know". Commercial incentive for say, talk about when talking to someone in the business technology, occasionally also to talk philosophy, which let customers often feel he was a hooligan. On technical sick obsession for the company's financial situation worse, back in 2009, in particular, he don't know where to to their employees ' wages.

At that time account has stripped itself of the, but the only person knows me and financial. I dared not tell my employees, I'm afraid several Daniel finally risen to his "run". As a result, I have so many years of effort would have been all for naught.

In this case, this crazy, "nuclear weapons" still trying to pull other Daniel "water", which include knownsec franchise CTO Yang Jilong.

However, this is only the beginning. Zhao Wei is a madman who is not just his customers, and partner in charge of sales.

"He thinks we should sell traditional security vendors sell those things, and I think we should use the best technology to do the most advanced products. Because these things we play up to my ears, just do it, and finally he is because of money problems. "Zhao knownsec is the best technology today still adhere to the core business: enterprise-grade SaaS (software as a service) products. Five years later, when nobody knownsec is now bustling, people had to lament the fate of people.

"In China, you're only half a step ahead, one step ahead of you will die, and we were ahead by five. "He defined five years ago," the horror. "

In the company's most difficult time, Zhao's father burst cerebral infarction, in critical condition. Zhao of the struggling company, was delayed for more than a week before going home to see his father.

My dad almost hung up, and I couldn't get away.

I day to cope with the partnership and the war, to find friends around "kneel" to borrow money, even borrow money from loan sharks, struggle to accompany customers to drink at night, hoping to meet even a list. At that time I ran into pain urinating blood, check later turned out to have kidney stones. "

Things do not always eight or nine, and hide, not two or three. Zhao now can tell stories, but at that time a small part of his real face difficult. Life options for peace with this world of course not Zhao born in this world, and he wasn't going to return alive, just before saving the world, he's still not going to die.

Reality forced the original will only plunge to target nuclear missiles began to try to master some skills. "I talk about my techniques with them. Get what you need, what do you want me to do it. I use my skills to help you achieve. "Hard life back from the dead-knownsec Zhao finally do not need to run away from, but the revolution has yet to succeed, he will need funding.

I went to the various investment meetings, reliable and unreliable, even to shout slogans like MLM. In order to meet investors, I can only stop at the door, but almost all investors, all give me the same answer: safety I do not vote.

I remember there was this one time, I told one investor said, we have a good prospect, would like to invite him to visit our company. He told me to tell you the truth, we invested some money, you wear tattered industry, I do not vote.

Dressed in a casual, Zhao told Lei Feng now network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest), when he was hurt. Of course, the later stories, many people know that in 2011, knownsec digital investment in 2012, knownsec access Tencent, Baidu Union investment in 2015, Tencent knownsec second huge investment.

If Zhao Wei done anything along the way to save the world, in addition to the changes, may be waiting. This seemingly endless waiting is too cruel, whether it be for him but also for the world.

Always troubled by the nuclear-weapon

"You didn't do anything wrong, what went wrong in your old. "Zhao quoted Ma as saying. Smiled said: "our line, I'm old. "

"A few months before I was drinking and a great guy, he sees less wine in my glass, poured off directly, let me fill. "Born in 1981, Zhao feels that he has more old, old enough to military chiefs speak the same language and politics. For Zhao, however the language continues to be "foreign language", while Zhao liquor has reached two kilos of the starting field.

When drunk, I can see their lives being burned. Although I'm calm on the surface, but I feel liver rupture. Every time when I woke up from a drunken, I feel life is lost for a month.

See here, you may feel a little sour, but nuclear weapons never felt needed to be sympathetic.

My idea is to use technology to change the world, rather than the preservation of their own. If I can get more people, more important national security technologies and products of the Department I, that this Exchange is very worth it.

Zhao said that when, deadpan, like a cold killer. "If before I realized that way of doing things is wrong, I'll change. But my goals are not the same. "He added.

Of course, in terms of specific policies, Zhao would also make use of the hacker mind. For example, when it comes to drinking, he offered to come up with their own collection of wine, trying to influence the "war". But then often after drinking red wine, they do not know when it was lifted from under the table "hiding out" for long white wine, the hacker completely "black" off.

As early as 2015 knownsec is Tencent's second investment when judging knownsec valuations in the industry has more than 2 billion. Rapidly expanding business knownsec won China's first in many fields. But these do not seem to bring security to Zhao, who still do not run on in the table/table. Zhao Wei, knownsec business model at present, is still in the "tired CEO" stage. This tired not only is needed to accompany a customer opine, to explore life and his people.

With branches and offices throughout, knownsec has reached a size of more than 500 people, Zhao had a habit of preaching to others found, now he needs to get this sermon as a daily work. Every day a big part of his job is to talk with colleagues from various departments.

I said that we had to his countrymen not to sell anything. We have good technology, can contribute to go out and do some short-term returns are not so obvious public projects, for example, I have been promoting China's largest network security data sharing platform "Security Alliance." This time, of course a lot of people look at me like a SB, I was used to. But slowly, they may think I have a point.

Whether for cyberspace, knownsec is also the future, his sense of security did not improve as the company reputation growing. Zhao Wei always insecure state of mind made a summary called "lack of success". Even if you see the streets all ads are their own customers, he may not feel satisfied, although there are now quite a number of enterprises, even with a national emblem of institutions receiving knownsec security services. However he felt that the Internet "ToB" business like mountain climbing, no matter how high has climbed to, as long as one careless move may have gone down a cliff.

If faced with a choice, with the success rate of an option 70%, another option has 30% success rate, then I must not hesitate to choose the 70% way. But in reality, almost every one of these options is the possibility of 51% to 49%. I can live up to today may also be lucky.

Instead, said Zhao laughed, as if countless past his smile vanquishes.

The end of

Happened to see Zhao Lei Feng network with a hammer handset on the desk.

From a certain perspective, nuclear warheads and a hammer can be a bit like, as they represent violence at the same time, also on behalf of human intelligence. Zhao Wei and Luo have similarities, they are crazy enough to think they can change the world, of course, so is often called a SB.

"Confucianism as a table, Word for bone, heart. "Master Nan Huaijin horripilation, Zhao Wei is on the lips of a Word. Zhao said it when, like himself. Road bone Buddha's mind, for a free entrance to the online world of hackers, if supremely well.

Surprisingly, a top hacker has left many in the time down and cut surprise, a person willing to his obsession with gambling all on time and flesh and blood. The "unexpected", in the eyes of Zhao is "taken for granted".

When you think of years of quiet time, may not care about their possession of nuclear weapons; when the surrounding Beijing's nuclear weapons really disappearing, you will find that he was all that had been predicted, are coming full speed at you.

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Portraits | Knownsec Zhao: Confessions of a nuclear-weapon-free

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