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Feed dog vending machine

Feed dog vending machine

My son is 6 years old, although I have always tried to instill in him a cat human master, but he has his own ideas-in his view, the dog is the cutest animals in the world. So, one day when he asked me this request, I was not surprised. He said: dad, outside those poor stray, I give half of my dinner.

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At that moment, when Torre I, was moved to tears--much loved son, my boss to have my son is half as good as my dog wouldn't get called the media ... ... So I didn't hesitantly refused his request, I said, dad is dogs, feed the dog this kind of thing, or come to a commercial company: Spigen iWatch cover


This professional of company called Pugedon, they in Istanbul operation has this project--is said to have local has up to 100,000 article of Dingo and Wildcat, number so huge, even has been busy oil business of Turkey people, also time to to they offered love has--this is "feed Dingo of automatically sale machine", looks on and usually of sale machine almost, square of Cabinet, following opening, feel as long as you voted money in, it on can crisp sweet to to you spit a Tuo beverage.

But the feed dogs of the vending machine is not so simple, its basic logic is that passers-by will be recycled, such as beverage bottles into it, it spits out nearly the equivalent of the dog food. Like, you is a from China of visitors, in you also didn't was locals cut died zhiqian, you can with hands drink has half of farmer spring to offered offering: will remaining of mineral water pour sale machine specifically of recycling mouth, these water will collection up, provides to animal are do drinking water; and left of bottle, is from addition a cut plug into, bites in ringing a sound, as returns, this goods spit has several grain dog grain, next early, have not patience of dog, cheerful to up saved furiously ~ iWatch bumpframe

Pugedon company says they want to rely solely on recycled beverage bottles (including plastic bottles and cans, and so on), you can maintain the cost of dog food, so as to make the whole project down for a long time.

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