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Wrist device n a raison d tre

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The 40-year wave of information, such as blue-green algae in an increasingly fast covering the world. Have a chat with a friend to do O2O, and said, alas, we are the ants of God, responsible for handling information. I thought, we train timetables, newspapers, restaurant locations, the street and the street crossing, there's an empty taxi, this dress style and prices-all these stuff to move to the Internet – Yes, information is engulfing the world.

This vast amount of information is how to tell humans and human behavior, and how the information again? We take a look at.

Information revolution have occurred twice in history. The first time, popularized the graphical interface of the computer mouse, so that ordinary people can use computers; the second time, touch-screen information popularization to the elderly and children, and that nearly all of humanity – we will find that these two interactive revolution, information interact more and more invasive of features--this is because the information is "healthy".

Only universal – whether people use the popularity of (all directions), or information type of popularity (and one with gusto)-was the information that the real purpose of blue-green algae: it has only one logic, all the information. I think the information revolution, information is the most critical in the process. By comparison, computer operating systems, mobile operating systems, the Internet, and IOE is to effectively meet the information needs.

So, let us take a look at today's key topic: what is the third information revolution?

In fact ... ... The third information revolution has begun. Camera across the street (they are loyal soldiers of blue-green algae), 1440 minutes per day, every minute information with a phone record your location every second; the browser industry to record your browsing behavior ... ...

Yes, the third information revolution, is human behavior itself.

Let us think about the difference between keyboard and mouse. Keyboard difficult with (yiqian also has typing class), mouse easy (this world Shang never was for held "mouse using method three days express" training and profit); keyboard is from typewriter to of, this is a "progressive type innovation", its tool characteristics of life to continued (although vintage typewriter this species has hanging has, but father will gene to has son); and mouse is turned out to was born of: it intuitive, and elegant of will screen operation into to has a like mouse as of small things Shang.

As for the touch screen, but also to maximize this elegant: you know the majority of the elderly and children, is not a very good mouse, touch-screen and saved them, so that their young people enjoy the convenience of information (and in the help information spread of blue-green algae). This insidious information cyanobacteria, it knows that everything may be information, because it is only one command: info all.

After completing information, fixed universal access to information, human behavior itself is the next to be depth information of object. Now, information cyanobacteria are not satisfied with their trapped in a computer or a cell phone, it has to come out and get some air, blow, and to talk to the world.

It drives all over the world with all kinds of "hardware information", and now, it appears that information technology hardware is not enough, then some more. More cameras, credit card machine, door, stair light ... ... And scales, watches, glasses, shoes and clothes what informatization, and then creating more new information technology hardware: Smart red breast, cigarette holder, intelligent sensor trash can ... ...

Question: which are the "mouse" or "touch screen"?


This is the "wrist device"--because there is no position more than wrist to track people's behavior, and instant feedback of information given by the world--"wrist device" is the Centre of humans and the world of information interactions. If we use the word "wrist device" for a word that is easy to understand, and that is "Watch"--like "Smartphone", to borrow an existing concept, but its nature has generated a great deal of change. And, you will find three key products of the interactive revolution, and we are spending more and more time in contact with skin: a mouse, touch screen, smart watches. This is also another form of invasion.

I'll repeat my point: Smart Watches, is the behavior of people, information, and the best equipment to get information from the world of information. This is what I watch, as the representative of the third information revolution will play a critical role in the blue-green algae tide of information. This time, we will further see that the tide of information, what is, and how to attack humans.

Before discussing the human change, we first have to understand what is a human, human being on this earth that appears on all physical and mental, in the time dimension of integral sum. Therefore, any change what groups, through, it is through (physical/mental) x time to achieve. That is, by continuing to occupy people's physical, mental, can generate a groups evolution. In General, the changes in society are being encouraged. Encouragement is usually given money or fame. Like paychecks, advertising can get advertising, was revered as Mahatma Gandhi.

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And the number of services that continue to produce maximum value. Thing to use on a daily basis, its value is very large--this is not a tech product, in fact, all the products are the same thing: eat rice every day, larger than the potato chip industry does not know how many times the effect on humans is not a level; can't be compared with the residential hotel.

This is why a service or a product, as it has high viscosity when we might call "human"--of course, any small areas (such as teaching), one-to-one (such as priest confession), as long as the it system (education, religion), but is done in discrete, the sum of a change.

So, if you want to speed up the change, you need to occupy enough people in a short time mental or physical strength. In other words, people continued to use the service, is the great eras of services. And we often are "just want" misleading – that a man of the word "strong need" stuff, just want, is to do all the things the only prerequisite--but in fact, it's just a foggy. (See light in the start 21st, of the theory just needs)

Through the fog, we can more clearly recognized that a sustained, continuous use by people, is lurking in the background context of the time.

There is also a popular name called "high frequency". Information changes for the first time, mouse brings a graphical interface, the computer began to spread, computer usage frequency are: 1-2 times a day; the second information change, touch-screen and more simple way, smart phones became popular, the frequency of use of the phone is: 1-2 per hour. So then, is necessarily a frequency per minute is this level of product, change the key will be the next information exchange.

For now, only the "wrist device," have the opportunity to reach this frequency. It is called a "wrist device", rather than to consumers "Watch", is expected to determine its nature – to avoid too much "Watch" the concept of pollution. But before the recognition of the human consciousness, the wrist is the most suitable for one of the parts of the human body, because this site is easy to find the signs, and easy to see.

So, the key question is to allow users to continue to use, instead of just buying. And this world is interesting, if your product is being high frequency of use, then your product will sell very well. If you only consider selling the issue, ignoring the continuous use, it's hard to continue to sell very well.

In 2015, "Watch" war has started. In this one, can be sustained the consumer will win out, because it's more consistent with the internal logic of information. , Sometimes also referred to as our Chosen.

Realizing high frequency is the first thing: don't take off. All off the scene, to a higher risk of causing inactivation. So, in addition to users other than the subjective will need to pick, to minimize the user is forced to take off the scene. These scenarios include: charge, bathing, swimming and sleeping. In order to reduce the charge off the scene, the only way is to improve battery life. Bathing and swimming off, in most cases is a matter of habit-not only to be waterproof, and clearly informed. Sleep off, the main issue to be considered is: wear comfortable, and few people would consider "radiation".

In contrast, improving battery life and water is a relatively simple indicators, wearer comfort this question--what I call the "no sense to wear"-is very interesting and worth trying. Intuitively speaking, the wrist device ought to be beautiful in the first place. But the United States is how to form? Often, dominant beauty in itself is complicated. In the middle ages in Europe and China, people have to explain complex beauty: such as the complexity of Church frescoes and exquisite wooden carvings. All this because of "complex" is representative of the superior workmanship and a lot of labor--it takes up more social resources, scarce, so are more likely to be widely understood as "beauty"-"beauty" in many cases, is actually a cult. Tough choice next to: in the United States (generally complex) and "worn" looking for a Middle Road between? cover Kenzo iPhone 6 plus

My point is: "no sense of wearing" premise, and then consider other issues.

The funny thing is that for a "wrist device", to be "no sense to wear" method is very simple and crude: light weight, small size. Invasion route from the information, it is very logical: the goods will be gradually integrated into the body, light weight and small size. Kenzo iPhone Case

The next thing to consider is: zoom value. When considering the value of an item, to understand the essence of it is the starting point for everything. Like television, is a large screen, and content can be played, so how do more to consider is the screen contents and how you can do better. Also, from a value perspective, "wrist device" is the essence of what?

"Wrist device" is every second on the user's wrist, so 1 for track 2, easy--both of which are "wrist device" the value you want. From the perspective of keeping track, most "wrist device" has been done, both healthy track, and position tracking – this is to consider how to change the "keep track" do it better, could identify more activities? Whether positioning more precise?

Easy to operate. Wrist in humans--this sentence is a little scary, but I want to stress is, compared to the "alas my cell phone? ", People can always find its own wrists it was" wrist device "is of great value. And this ease of operation, if it happens, users are hard to abandon--this is known as the "need" scenario.

Less trouble, zoom value--both point to grasp, is a balancing act. Product selection, but also constantly probe the balance between user experience, or balance between value and trouble.

Above is talking about "wrist device" overall judgment of interaction design. Then talk about the details.

Screen interactions. Screen interaction is now being defined by cell phone. So if you carefully observe the process of user touch screen mobile phone, you will find that users of touch and vision, not in the same place--where our fingers, eyes and not go to see.

On the premise of this basic observation, we think about smart watch screen interactions, will find that the screen is too small, tactile and Visual huddled together-so simple to narrow down the screen and interactive experience no change, he is not a correct approach.

Information on closed-loop. "Wrist device" is a very good information transmission device, because it is so easy ... ... But it is so small, how to present complex information? Wait ... ... First of all, we need to understand that so-called "complex information" is in fact is defined by cell phone--more specifically, said, the complexity of the information is from the phone's ability to determine, and not by "wrist device" to decide.

So, in thinking "wrist device" when interactive experiences, will first need to be able to phone the experience clarified--after all, I'm afraid we cannot be reduced to achieve a leap forward in the age of a cell phone.

Wrist Department equipment of characteristics: continued track, and operation convenient, and displayed capacity weak, and not can complex operation--let we has opportunities again thinking (this is let people how excited of thing), a new of interactive system the how work--information should more of convenient, and simple and fast--compared Yu phone,, in simplified screen interactive and segmentation information closed ring Shang, wrist Department equipment need do many work.

Also has vital of is is, wrist Department equipment for user state of discriminant, will is has extremely important meaning of--because this is zhiqian all of equipment are never do of--like on sleep and movement State of discriminant, will these "Automation" of discriminant, conveying to around environment, this is than "wrist Department equipment" do a phone notification device to has value, also has meaning of more of things.

And this will be the wrist devices in all things Internet era of interactive change key: keep informed to the surrounding environment, user is in what State--which, with the increase of frequency of interaction, and all things Internet era will produce an explosion of development the singularity.

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