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Why mobile phone like for muji free advertising

Muji (MUJI) "frigidity". Also, its high was not put on, one having refused reporters wrote:

"Muji in China in recent years in addition to the shop is opened (occasional exhibitions, but the main headquarters), very few public relations activities, little communication and media, or are not at all related to the staff, everyone is busy location, open, select the next site, open the next shop. "

Why mobile phone like for muji free advertising?

While MUJI cool, without prejudice to its fans for its obligations can be seen in China, especially in scientific and technological circles, millet, Meizu, a hammer, a plus ...

Of course, somewhat differently from pure fans, all manufacturers instructions of MUJI as well is ambitious. For example, "mobile world MUJI" sounds very with sense? MUJI represents succeeded in getting consumers to pay for design, further, is succeeded by large numbers of consumers to pay for expensive design.

Design is a very metaphysical topic, not one or two "international title," people say. So when you ask for deep zezhiren (MUJI design guru): "what is good design? "He would say:" a useful design. "When you ask mark (Peng praised the Designer), she would say:" useless. "Hear this insanity? Shame?

But it doesn't matter, because what they say is right, as a consumer awareness is not so high, you believe that they are so much more than they touch up appearance to understand reality. Reason for trust, it was as if everyone in a "deep thought" looks like. Yes, this is called a herd mentality. After the herd, this mysterious force and strong points. To the general public, whether it is a virtuous circle or a vicious circle? Only to inspect the instigators of beginner's mind.

Manufacturers beginner's mind is what? "Change The World", "fever", "Change The World Again" and "a complete mobile Internet ecosystem" ... ... To stop and say I don't know. "Oh, that sell a lot of phones, make a lot of money. "Straight and neat.

How will mobile phones sold in China was particularly good? In addition to Apple, should every domestic phone companies when it comes to price. Apple, after all, competitors, so in a public place, "hung and beat" or "hung and beat", not to engage in idolatry. Concept compared to MUJI is showing the best of teammates, anyway, and true or not, bring brand is full of energy.

People who know a little about MUJI history should know that MUJI brand philosophy is to return to the nature of the product, its original meaning--not just as its name brand quality products. In Japan the specific historical background (recession), popular, consumers do not need to pay extra for quality product brand premium, it's hard to imagine a more conscientious business model. Hello Kitty cases

Hello Kitty cases

Mobile phone manufacturers, the "conscience of the industry" is the Supreme honor. It turned out, utopian business model after all is beautiful and ephemeral, MUJI helped Japan designer Yohji Yamamoto, in leaving the MUJI pierce the window paper:

"Some people think wearing designer clothing and self-expression is too strong, stupid. They don't mind the brand. It was derived from a not sign as long as the quality of consumer demand. Tianzhongyiguang do such a thing, that is muji. At first, I think this idea is great, is a smart brand. But later, after contact, feel pretty much like other brands. "

MUJI's "no brand is a good brand," seems to be a false dichotomy. But then again, resist pressure from local tyrants, if MUJI is a luxury, it is at best only low-end luxury. It's "cheap" not to change with technology, workmanship, materials or Exchange is not so obvious.

Meizu Linan is clearly on the "yield" is the definition of accredited, so charming blue simply made the slogan "young good", to correct people on the brand is "cheap" cognition. Bargaining power and channels that can be compared to the supply chain advantages, such an approach aimed at the amount of "good" is only icing on the cake, is not absolute. Really big move is called "geo", "XX Pro", "XX Max" brewing.

"Poor boy" went to "party vassal" mobile phone "new nobility" were no doubt the idea of pry in the high-end market. There is no doubt that this is more than simply "fever", "born to literature", "born to eco" is much more difficult, and "nationalism" can help busy is very limited, because there are "people" are hard to fix.

In Europe and America has not experienced when the financial tsunami, there is a rule, stood the test of the masses, that is, "the middle class is the main force of the consumer low-end luxury." As you know, fans of MUJI in China is to help people.

How can I tell these guys? Is also very simple, urban elite, rational balance between perception, focusing on quality of life, nothing to love BB the craftsmanship. When they look for a brand, they will not tangle too much because of the hundreds of dollars, so this price war "from the loss of 800" tactics can also be shelved. To realize the following mobile phone, per 100 pieces out of a class, and high-end models consumers are not so sensitive.

Remember that "good parts" were small profits but quick turnover to do the flagship product, you really don't know to sell over 2000 phone manufacturers may work hard. Selling a top-ten, Boss products no longer have to worry about the force. Especially on those online premium, keep profits for offline mobile phone, when the channel to the ends of them when their names are less important, this and the road of brand and Chi.

Supply chains and channels need to be driven by interest, using brands to increase bargaining power clearly makes more sense than down profits, after all, the wool grows on the pig, as long as consumers are willing to pay anything to discussion.

At this point, the mobile phone industry and MUJI are somewhat different, the former no matter how exaggerated are functional products, and art, philosophy, and cell phone if you want to make luxury goods, in addition to diamonds seem like the better way.

From this perspective, the mobile phone universality is clearly higher, when you're middle-class of the time, you might like MUJI, will buy iPhone until peak on your life, you might like the Prada, but you would choose the iPhone. So rival firms, people love MUJI selection is very important, because it is a kill iPhone pass. Hello Kitty iPhone 6 Plus Case

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