Friday, December 4, 2015

Google for the latest patent to develop needle free blood

  In General, a school or other organization medical examination once a year. For adults, it is usually no problem. But for a family or some of the more timid people, medical examination, there is a project will make them feel fear, Yes, blood is drawn. Vera Bradley cell phone case

  Typically, blood in two ways, one is trace amounts of blood in the finger off with a small mouth; the other is in the elbow where the needle tube of blood. Of course, the general physical examination, it is only through a former. But even so, there are a lot of people are afraid, after all, the thought of the cold needles piercing their flesh, many people shudder, just tie a small mouth.

Google for the latest patent to develop needle-free blood

  It is learnt that the exposure a few days ago, Google applied for a patent, the name "needle-free blood" system, no needles through application of trace amounts of blood. The working principle is: from a negative-pressure cylinder through the micro-particles of the gas across the opening at the fingertip of a very small wounds, once the blood flow out of the skin, absorbed by the negative pressure cylinder.

Google for the latest patent to develop needle-free blood

  Google applied for the purpose of the patent, in addition to making the blood more convenient, environmentally friendly, and outside of, so it's not a terrorist, also intends to be and can monitor the wearer's glucose levels available by smart contact lenses and micro-glucose monitors used. After all, the United States has more than 29 million diabetics, China's population is much larger. Once approved by the FDA, will bring the company a lot of business opportunities.

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