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Ren zhengfei in United States study the 6 points required to study in the United

Editor's Note: this transfer from Phoenix financial micro-signal to the public, this is Huawei's founder ren zhengfei, visiting the United States after their visit to a HAL. Throughout the visit, ren zhengfei, the answer the United States beauty of the environment, leading-edge education, independent of human nature, advanced technology, advanced management, real culture and deeply practical, serious and single-minded spirit Americans, improving work style, no conservative academic atmosphere, worthy of every Chinese to learn. Incipio iPhone 6+ case

Ren zhengfei in United States study, the 6 points required to study in the United States

Three years ago, annual sales of 3.5 billion dollars of the United States well-known Wang computer company, why declare bankruptcy? Japan-Mitsubishi so powerful group, why would exit the computer? With this question, I went to the United States study. Via Tokyo, across the Pacific Ocean and the United States mainland, reached across the Atlantic to Boston. Out of the country I was sick, at Hong Kong Airport began vomiting, plus more than 20 consecutive hours of jet lag has been frustrating to the United States Central City of Dallas.

Throughout the study period, six United States impression makes me feel very sour.

1, environmental protection

Boston is a beautiful city, and is the source of the civil war, when the Europeans develop America's window. Old houses packed very neatly, appearances are brushed with plain paint. The beauty of this city, is everywhere in the city, it retains its small-small forest. The street is full of green grass, grass-planted on the hardwood. The maples, Oaks, leaves are bare in the winter. It is autumn, leaves of red, green, yellow, yellow-green, Brown, dark red ... ... In the Sun's shining, transparent, such as a poem or a painting. Falling leaves, covered with green grass, like a colorful carpet. This natural scenery but also covers Beijing's fragrant hills.

United States for hundreds of years the people of protection of the environment, it was amazing. Street trees in New York, running about squirrels. In front of the hotel, in the evening, each tree is falling hundreds of thousands of birds, birds flying into the crowd, the House is quite natural. Our land and the United States is roughly equivalent, but takes up a large part of Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan-Guizhou plateau and the mountain takes up part, less than half of the remaining land, but with 1.2 billion people. The lack of funding for education, culture and the low quality of the blind breeding population, and even knocks out the headland, there are forests, grasslands?

Dallas is a town in Central Texas. Texas was originally a piece of grasslands, was poor, due to the discovery of oil suddenly became United States of Fuzhou. Texas is like Inner Mongolia and was raised from the oil development of science and technology. Daqing high-tech development zones in China, calling on scientists to sea, established out of the oil industry, a few decades later, as the Daqing oil dries up, a Texas Tech will appear in China. Any leadership, vision must be longer.

City of Las Vegas is a vast sand seas, especially during the night, and perhaps the United States's most beautiful cities. Outside of hotels, international conference centers, across the city, there was no building, lobby of the hotel is the Casino, therefore, has the ability of handling millions of people simultaneously. Building stunning, such as Caesar's Palace, is so beautiful and magnificent. In the hotel Hall, there is a tropical rainforest.

2, education

We spent a day and a half more in the CP, is leaving Boston the next day, just the rest of the half, again under the drizzle. Everyone in the rain and visited Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology campus. This gave birth to many heroes of the world campus, nearly 1/4 per cent of the students are Asian. This expedition we generally agreed that United States high level of education, science and technology development. In a highly developed information society, low quality as a chain, and delaying development of the whole economy. Developed countries use some silicon, traded us large quantities of peanuts, we always think that it is an unequal exchange.

Americans do, very single-minded serious spirit, improving work style, no conservative academic atmosphere, is indeed worthy of our study. Americans do not like Chinese so many ideals, there is no country in mind and the whole world in empty ambition, fantasy is nothing like we do. The space shuttle, the large wafer, supercomputers, ultra micro Terminal, developed and best telecommunications equipment, test equipment, is the United States created by all of our people, not to Rob.

The primary products of the developed countries have done a lot, and only for a small number of high-tech products in developed countries. The former is available, price is regular, which is unique, price is random, repayment of venture capital and talents in the development and production of remuneration, not plunder. Feeling while back 20, 30 some predecessors to champion the nation through education, society does not understand, their patriotism was distorted. In the 60 's, 70 's, education saves the nation dared not even mention mention, still do not understand, but believe that the more books we read, the more stupid. We in episode one, some mixed feelings, the same loud exhale the nation through education.

People say is 18th century Spain century, 20th century United States century 21st century is the century of Asia. This is not exactly a glimpse? With 14 markets economic policy implementation of the talent contest will be conducted on the land of China. Culture high the people richer, the gap to the 21st century is irreparable. Therefore, our company brings together talents, increasing the concentration of personnel policy is correct, although it increases the cost of production for the time being.

As prosperous as possible on technology, develop science and technology education, more education the more talents, more talented people more economic prosperity, into a virtuous circle. Only knowledge will only have human needs, have the talent needs, will attach great importance to education. In rural schools are often still dangerous, think of project hope in China has not been a high level of awareness and concern, to cast a shadow over our hearts.

Not the revitalization of education is impossible to rejuvenation, and not poor education. Our educational conditions are very difficult, day by day growth of population, level of education and are lower than the developed countries. Project hope bell sounded again and again, is to break people's dreams of money.

3, human

From Boston, take a six-hour car, came to New York, to the Chinese Consulate. Ate some polenta, was so sweet. In the United States agree with the biggest problem is, Americans ate was simple. New York is the United States largest and most prosperous, and most dirty, order the bad city, but still much better than we, Shenzhen. Human nature is transcendent of particularly Americans.

Because it is passed hastily. First visited the United States to Central Park, in the heart of the city, but there is a such a large primeval forest-like Central Park, it is hard to understand. Forest is such a beautiful, bird, squirrel and sweet, everything is so harmonious and cute. Central Park is so big, we walked for a long time, a map to know a small angle. In order to know how large, rented a taxi and ran in a circle, because drivers feared black unrest, spending the equivalent of more than 100 million.

Is a visit to the natural history museum. In only one hour, we wanted to run again in a hurry, have a look to a visit to the Museum of natural history. Results didn't know we were wrong, which exhibits so exquisite, so lifelike, in some places it is back to nature, back to the primitive society. World-wide variety of exotic products, arranged in accordance with the laws of nature collection, so harmonious, so rich. No wonder that someone used to say: write their doctoral thesis in the Museum. Research on social development, the natural development of the best class.

We passed through Philadelphia, saw Chinese students have an annual income of about $ 40,000 (jobs) family. Very cold in the winter cold, they won't open heating. Little lady told me: it can save $ 100 a year. But will they send relatives back home to open $ 10,000. They dare not return. Food, is very simple. Chinese are saving, for future generations, Americans spend spend and making friends. Chinese forever trapped in the Chinese circles, never jump into a money pit, in the affluent United States, remain poor. American friends the more opportunity to get better and better, earn more money. Success in life, 80% in the opportunity.

We flew to Dallas on Monday, this is Texas instruments (TI) headquarters. TI corporate headquarters occupies 60,000 acres. We proposed to visit the factory, its Asia-Pacific manager told us that there are no factories, factories scattered over more than 100 locations around the world package integrated circuits. Focus research and sales team at Headquarters. We note that its Chief Executive and Chairman, in relatively simple, looks shabby cottage Office, regional sales managers, but it is an area manager in a tall glass curtain wall building, very clean and quiet.

4, science and technology

It is well known that United States technology is well developed, we made a special trip to Las Vegas, visited the international computer fair. About 500,000 people, fewer Chinese and mainland Chinese is even less. Chinese people don't go out and have a look, behind closed doors, not only impossible to catch up with others, and may be from the era of falling off a train. We have in the delicate period of entry, should maintain a good market and technology information. Will a number of arrangements for the comrades went out to take a look.

TI for our visit very enthusiastic, introduces us to a lot of us never heard of high-speed devices. Company presentations are organized mainly uses projection equipment, film and edit logical technical description. From morning until late at night to keep introduction, very speculative, grows a lot of understanding of TI.

We also see hordes of United States children come here to attend an international computer fair, heart sighs: I do not know how much is invention tomorrow in this atomic bomb, excellence in the development of the space shuttle, United States will endure. For an hour, we ran to see even a floor in a corner of the five-story building also did not finish. See also finish in a month.

Visit the international exhibition, we only have one day, desperately running in the halls, only after visiting an Office. Only after know there are seven halls, at least seven days. On the development of international computer, an eye-opener. Find the feeling of China's computer industry will sunset and find we don't try very hard to develop technologies, will eventually lose all feeling in the market.

Visit the exhibition, what we realized is the crisis of technology and market crisis. Wang has annual sales of 3.5 billion dollars three years ago, declare bankruptcy. Japan-Mitsubishi so powerful group, pulled out of the computer. This strong sense of crisis, move the world forward. Huawei was history in a progressive position, boundless sea, no bank, missed opportunities, will be completely annihilated. Huawei, the road traveled over the past few years are right, were not enough, should boldly move forward, forward.

Our last stop was to Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, California, a small place, with 4.8 million people, had no industry. American electronics industry, cutting-edge industry research institutions located here. IBM headquarters is said to be an area of 400 square kilometres, this is unbelievable. We rented a taxi and go at least 6-7 km in diameter on the inside, how much, is not clear. HP and the NS, and AMD, and I.TEL-----, are all here. Therefore, the United States studied, one in Silicon Valley, you can learn about electronic technology across the United States.

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Calculation of economic independence, California, eighth in the world. We visited the NS (National Semiconductor), it has more than 6,000 researchers, no factory in Silicon Valley. Listened to their presentation on optical devices and other new devices, see the rise of third-generation network in the world, saw the emergence of new technologies will make the world a bulk sample.

We started late and have been gone for years, and we're just getting started. We sell money to these devices, also referred to as soon as possible in the world, of course, there are plenty of software to do. In Silicon Valley we feel most deeply, as if each pulse is oscillating.

5, the management

CP company in the United States is a small company, but the management is very advanced. From this window, I see the Americans very persistent spirit of research and careful, orderly and methodical management like a gentleman. Various types of documents are clear, accurate and have good coverage, is a successful project.

Americans were leaving work at four o'clock in the afternoon, we added so many classes, they are rare. Visit DMOS wafer manufacturing highly advanced. United States has begun to retain key parts of the industrial production here at home, remaining large transfers to branch offices all over the world, to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness. After this to Silicon Valley, felt more strongly.

See our research methods are still very backward, research management level is very low and efficiency is far from to catch up with the developed countries. Thankfully it is our employees ' personal qualities are no better than United States company. Catch up with the United States, the most important thing is to improve management.

Silicon Valley because of labor costs, land, no matter what is the most expensive in America, so that led to the company, marketing research agencies in the Silicon Valley, the industry moved into the United States or elsewhere in the world, we have some reports, such as "Silicon Valley is in decline", "Silicon Valley's sunset" is wrong. In the information industry and Silicon Valley for a new takeoff, is by no means recession.

Therefore, the company decided to buy housing in the center of Silicon Valley, established development centers, semi-finished products and results of scientific research, where design, then moved back to Shenzhen, where registered wholly Rambo a Huawei Technologies co., Ltd. Rambo is a transliteration, the implication is the head of the goddess of the sea. Incipio iPhone 6 Plus

6, film

Via Los Angeles, we are beginning to return to their homeland, on the plane saw a development United States of Western movies. Describes a rich United Kingdom girls, unwilling parents of peaceful life. Holding a United States West to every developer of a free newspaper of the 160 acres of land, that is, to the United States. His father caught about a farm worker, workers rejected. The next morning she drove away, by means of execution, the employees get on the run. Guys had to come with her to the United States to Boston. At Boston, than China's rural poor. A ragged and Miss in town believe a liar, will sell her silverware tray, and made without a penny.

They stayed in the United States beginning in equal poverty status. In order to save costs in the West, the young man went to the ring, Miss to wash the clothes. Through all the hardships, they managed to germinate the love. Of the room hard, than all of our movies are realistic. When they have to endure when hungry, no one broke into a House trying to eat a big meal. Are being treated as the bad guys, Miss shot and wounded. Miss the last gasp. Miss guy holding, will be sent to Miss lover (United Kingdom officer) in the hotel. Because he had no money, not save Miss, broke up in a hurry.

Guy while railroad while walking, and finally to the West. Miss good after injury, and to the West with her husband. They were meagrely, meagerly, resurrection. At that time not to have so much land in the West. The local Government had to flag in each block of land sticking out of the ground, agreed on a certain day, who ran to first, who first put their own flag, who owns land. Fellow bought a very strong horse. Before you start the run to, some people ducked a foul, the referee can call running back, he ordered the Musketeers jumped the incident killed a foul.

Cavalcade's away, smoke billowed from the wind, some scattered, and, when the girl's husband fell in the river died. Finally ran to a guy before the Miss Chase, but Bronco boys fell into serious injuries, Miss ambulance, forget the flag, in the Brigade arrived, to remember the flags. Guy began to have personnel did not know, when the flag, opened his eyes slightly. Movie ends, let you see what they've got. When Miss access to land, then, all the relatives do not necessarily have. In the desert without love, desperate to reclaim, creating the present prosperity of the West.

United States the vast majority of the people are hardworking, willing to learn. We should learn the spirit of perseverance and meticulous. Has never been what the deities and emperors. We only do, in the face of weakness of the Chinese nation, will it be possible to revitalize. Dashed dreams of prosperity for generations, so that we feel more deeply the technology to the United States, management to Japan to learn profound meaning.

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