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A fancy thing Huang Mingjie is to find a definition of

A fancy thing, Huang Mingjie is to find a definition of

Perhaps as a result of Pcase and Pinlo, many people's impression of Huang Mingjie is an expert in supply chain management, but it is only good at rather than he wants. And in 2014, when he took a 7-man team to create a fresh literary Dita intelligent air detector. What he wants is a "Wow" product? Does not appear to be. Last month, he officially joined in the circle of friends to find a 100-accelerator. He wrote out the I in and slash the fish tales, we still do not see he was running this way is a kind of pursuit. In this regard, he said:

"I care about just to create this thing, and in the process, regardless of the role play, I will be satisfied. " Ted Baker note 3 cover

Beginner's mind of creation: design, comfort and convenience

However, the problem came again! Huang Mingjie wants to create what is a product? In fact, he seems to clearly describe what the product is. However, he said his beginner's mind has been on "design, comfort and convenience" three areas of concentration, can be a designing products, there may be a new piece of hardware or Internet access, but as long as it is designed, environment-friendly and convenient intersection.

In order to find this product, he left Pinlo, Attkon team to create Dita was set up to test the waters. However, for him, Dita is unable to satisfy his wants to pursue, so he found a 100-accelerator. As well as upgrade, joined to find a 100 for him is like finding a product to create, to make opportunities for this product was born. In this opportunity, he may not need to create in order to meet personally.

"I'll be in the areas of design, comfort and convenience, the three have been dug, and this is what I've been looking for in the middle of the three products. A start I can make my own products and products with team, and finally the investment product. Along the way I've been around these three areas. Whatever outdoor activities before, is still traveling around, I always wanted to have lots of cool, facilitate and improve the style of products. I built this must the product be? I think not necessarily to build to meet your own. "

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Fancy finding a 100 communes

Find a 100 will realize his dream return to the beginner's mind, it would also prefer fancy under the leadership of Huang Mingjie. What is fancy? Is he always wants to improve the force's product, billion and is seeking sensation, agreement with the temperament of the Apple product teams. More style, more specifically artistic mood, more design, more beautiful and sexy! Select settled on a team, find a 100 similar fancy team is favoring its own temperament. As long as your heart desires fancy, find a 100 will help project from 1 to 100, and becoming very fancy. "Even technology, Daniel design we all want them to care about. However, we are not limited to hardware. "And on the fancy things and find a 100-will help to enhance the force provides three, respectively, is polished product definition, design, and supply chain and channel.

In fact, Huang Mingjie ideas not just to find 100 Accelerator "site provides, direction" is more of a creative community that can scale quickly. In fact, together with innovative user of this platform, forming a cohesive community, so as to let these people's communes, realization of creative production. Of course, it also usually Accelerator channel cooperation and capital necessary to intervene.

"The time when entrepreneurs gathered together, Sparks will easily generate ideas and feedback through our online community. In fact, we do not believe the UGC (user-generated content), PGC (specializing in the production of) more efficient. The other hand, such a community will promote short Board complementarity between the various teams, to create a more solid team. We believe that in such a way, whether in terms of investment and financing, or a good distribution of the product the right will make some gains. For the comparison of two business models we have confidence. "

At present, Huang Mingjie request is for entrepreneurs to find a 100-space's eyes light up, "do right". And to make both business models begin to run, he is expected to take 1.5 years of time. However, Huang Mingjie plans, he wants to finish 12 successful projects in this year. And in the process, he admitted that "find 100 's biggest bottleneck will be himself. "This is because the individual's time and energy to find all 100 cannot be overwritten, so he wanted to find a lot of friends.

Perhaps to 1.5 years later, commune of innovation product development may become the mainstream, more decentralized products and technologies will mature, find a 100 will also become a center of the commune. And the implementation process in the commune, Huang Mingjie is to keep "fancy" key figure, way to beginner's mind is his own creation.

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A fancy thing, Huang Mingjie is to find a definition of

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