Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Improved version powered exoskeletons humans can lift a car

  Maybe we are all looking forward to the day when, powered exoskeletons can grant us the power, let us jump from the yard on the roof without the need for ladders or carrying hundreds of pounds of stuff you will feel tired. Moschino Samsung Note3 case Moschino Galaxy Note 3 case

  Do you remember James Hobson? Maybe we say he's another name you will be more familiar to some, Yes, he is DIY geek The Hacksmith. He shows us the powered exoskeleton, before, in their own yard to easily lift a 170-pound object, which is really cool.

Improved version powered exoskeletons, humans can lift a car

  Last time, he shows us a powered exoskeleton is gone for a long time, know that his skill with the advancement of technology has been further improved. A friend mentioned before, this set of equipment is missing the lower part, leading to its weight exactly need legs to bear. Now, he has to own this set added a powered exoskeleton device parts, the parts can increase his leg strength, forming a pivot.

  In order to prove strength powered exoskeleton, James Hobson went out for a Mini Cooper car, well, this Mini Cooper weighs 2500 pounds, maybe you have already guessed what James Hobson.

  Yes, he was prepared to use this equipment to lift the Mini Cooper, however slight it is regrettable that, even though he just lift a little car, after all, there are still some gaps and we expected, but do you really think people can easily lift a car? Come on, man Wiley, James Hobson is not a super hero, he can lift a car, is already a great achievement and break new ground, to know if ordinary people do not have the powered exoskeleton support, it is impossible to make the car off the ground by his own hands.

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  James Hobson clearly will continue to improve the powered exoskeleton, from the exterior of the device, still far from beautiful, this device may have a lot of room for mining.

  Someday, maybe we can really live this crazy life, raise a car running on the road ... ...

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