Saturday, January 9, 2016

Although the BlackBerry to join the Android BlackBerry 10 undead

  BlackBerry has 10 OS is going to be finished? Indeed, the BlackBerry has now plunge into the arms of Android, so to speak, BlackBerry 10 OS are necessary? Disney Samsung Note 4 case

  But BlackBerry's CEO John s. Chen doesn't think so, he wrote on his blog, BlackBerry 10 OS is far from dead (and far from dead). He also added on my blog, BlackBerry 10.3.3 NIAP validation, this also means that this system will be the most difficult, based on the Government safety testing (NIAP is United States national information assurance partnership).

Although the BlackBerry to join the Android BlackBerry 10 undead

  In addition, BlackBerry 10.3.4 may also be coming this year, which will bring more security to our operating system, this also means that, while the BlackBerry's centre of gravity has been tilted to the Android, however, they will continue to develop BlackBerry 10 OS in 2016.

Disney Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case

Although the BlackBerry to join the Android BlackBerry 10 undead

  However, while BlackBerry 10 OS not to die, BlackBerry other than close up Android system, there is no other better way. Vienna the BlackBerry smartphone has been hyped for a long time, as is likely to be the BlackBerry smartphone running the Android system under the second paragraph, it is likely to be released in the near future.

  Mobile phones will continue to configure a full physical keyboard design, but unlike BlackBerry Priv is BlackBerry Vienna sliding physical keyboard is not included. BlackBerry Priv $ 699.99 pricing is also deters many people, BlackBerry prices should be more close to the people of Vienna. Disney Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case

  In the year 2016, BlackBerry Priv price will have to fall, didn't know if Android system in 2016 years, continues to take hold of the edge of the cliff on the BlackBerry.

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