Friday, January 15, 2016

Even if three disciples from the Palace may not be successful kaixin

Happy was once a darling of the media and the capital. And then it's not. Disney Galaxy Note 4 case Disney Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case

In 2008 for social networks has not too early, happy this time to fill white-collar workers don't have the right social networking this gap. On the subject forced to ridicule about Wang, in selling Facebook after he turned around a program. This is the first white-collar workers and leisure-oriented social network, not himself but always hung up.

Happy is not so much pedantic bookish. For a small, dedicated to stranger dating social network, dubbed is similar to happy in the early days, "Facebook's Chinese disciple" name.

Even if three disciples from the Palace may not be successful: kaixin

On the basic social networking features, and happy from the outset to go farther than everyone. Happy does not care about how users happy to show themselves, focusing on how users interact. Happy trying to join at the outset of many social games plugin.

But on this issue, kaixin is also got up early to catch a late set, accurate to say, still hasn't caught up with set. First popular social game platform has not opened to developers, all entirely through independent research and development and operation. Happy like the early years of feature phones, music players or Internet as a selling point and selling smart phone in the market.

These characteristics make happy through word of mouth quickly but users off soon. Each launched a social-networking feature may return a large number of users, the novelty was lost.

Happy in so slowly and the waves rolling in the user's current silence.

By now, there are many rumors about happy NET project itself. Continuingly, but accounts of traffic generated and social relationships, never played a role seems to be to allow users to social networking and social networking. A very good social networking prototypes, but never officially formed.

Laboratory evaluation of Lei Feng happy before launching the application class Path carved beauty. Happy data mining, may eventually in the mobile Internet. But social networking platform? Kaixin has missed, never could do.

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If qualified as an advanced social networking applications, accounts can be replicated, and anyone can create a happy, as long as compatible with and distinguish it from Twitter, you can quickly pop up in the white collar, of course users may soon be lost. The only problem is, if you go to China, "the next happy", and what does that mean?

Perhaps outdated platform of China social networking platform Facebook final Chinese chief disciples disciple saga: Q-zone deep gas Zong Jianzong battle two disciples: renren if may not be successful the three disciples: kaixin stolen: most likely one's mantle falls on SB 360: SINA, Baidu after Facebook, there is no further platforms

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