Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ray PR Newswire follow up to the Wu Sheng Xue Manzi is besieged in the gun

Mine Agency news, the daily economic news reporter a story about food Beijing Wu Sheng Meng Wen, Wu Sheng long silent have again had to audible, while mine news agency after NT $ found, Wu Xue Manzi and guns besieged inextricably linked.

First look at this article in the daily news, daily economic news sent in the same minute, major technology portal are also reproduced, mine agency regrets, the reporter: powerful, Wu Sheng will take some trouble too.

Outside of his ex-wife, Wu Sheng in the article, there was a man named shenyin, served as the former well-known journalist and entrepreneur, founding editor of Chinese entrepreneurs, shenyin had a good reputation in the circle, this time attached to the gun.

Mine Agency found that Xue Manzi before and after the national day siege, Xue Manzi does most is one of shenyin, this related to Xue Manzi is the investor of shenyin, shenyin Thunder news agency in an interview, said he talked to a number of big, old Xue was not the only one, the old sit quite high profile publicity, but there is no evil, no harm.

Another high profile fight back by Zhang Chunhui on weibo said during a lightning news agency in an interview, Hui Wan said many facts in the article, he cited one example: when Xue Manzi was hospitalized with colon cancer, he and his colleagues had to visit, this is considered to be the truth. Sunny Cheung also noted that since the controversy may be stricter, like all Xue Manzi referred several times in the United States accused United States judicial transparency, is available on the specific indictments and verdicts. Mine agency survey found, as Zhang Chunhui and Xue Manzi is a peer of the investor, but no direct business with just two people almost unanimous in their political tendencies.

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Mine Agency found another seat of this siege Xue Manzi character mesh eight fast itself has always been in good relationship with Zhang chunhui, Shenzhen Binhai road racing murder two men have been echoed, on Twitter and this is most active, involved two people. Each holding one end of this time, surprisingly, people explore.

Involved in the Seige of the micro-Bo, Xue Manzi said in mine agency interview this water is very deep, with the current strange current affairs, belonging to orders, and handling aimed the key nodes in the fall, make a large tendency on Twitter so brazenly boasted. But because Twitter does not want to reveal their real names, mine Agency lacked the more sources to prove this. Therefore, this matter also doubt very much.

On Xue Manzi was besieged and Wu shot this series of events follow, mine agency reported. star wars iPhone case

PS: mine agency produced a spoof. Any similarity is purely coincidence. If the bait, be regrettable. Welcome Thunder follow-up reports to the Agency.

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