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Fans come and taste this bust Princess Zelda cake

  Princess Zelda, I believe each playing the legend of Zelda players know who she is, and how important a role in the game is. The legend of Zelda (The Legend of Zelda), Nintendo launched the series of action role-playing games, considered by many to be the most influential video game series of all time, and Nintendo's Mario, Metroid (Metroid) and other well-known series tied for the company's signature work.

Fans come and taste this bust

  According to reports, this year, the legend of Zelda series have been offered by 39 official game piece (including replica), selling more than 70 million sets. Later this month, the legend of Zelda: Hero of the Delta Force will be officially on sale.

  Australia had a Baker Emerald Stewart likes the game, so, in 28 of her birthday that day, she made herself a Princess Zelda cake, almost 1:1, cake both beautiful and delicious.

  The geek kind of cake, we are not uncommon, but this is the first Zelda Princess cake. It is almost equal to human size description, its details are to leave a deep impression, make it hard for you to believe it's a cake.

  The Princess Zelda cake size is fighting yujie bust of Princess of Hyrule, 50 cm high. In order to make the large Princess Zelda cake Baker with 3 kg of sugar, 1 kilogram of manufactured only about 1.2 kilograms of butter and dark chocolate finish.

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  To create linked to Princess Zelda, ears and tiara, Emerald Stewart even using a 3D printer. After everything is completed, also hand-painted gold. This piece of cake before and after spending about a week's time. Kenzo iPhone6

  Made before the Hyrule Princess cake, Emerald Stewart had tried to make the Legend of Zelda:The Wind Waker (the legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker) themed cake.

  In addition, it was reported that the new 3DS puzzle of the legend of Zelda: Hero of the Delta Force (The Legend of Zelda:Tri Force Heroes) will meet at the end of this month to players, which joined the free multiplayer gameplay, but it is a pity, the player is locked when you are online, only online between players of the same version.

  It is said that this is done to improve the game's online latency issues, networking between Japan and other regional locking area, but is still not sure United States players are with European players online.

  New Japanese version will go on sale on October 22, us and European version on October 23 launch, exclusive landing 3DS platform games priced at 4700 yen (excluding tax).

  The legend of Zelda: Hero of the Delta Force is a on the subject of online games, players can be carried out through local and online online online three-person teams, thus adventure together. Game players need to work together, besides the combat cooperation, but also through a variety of collaborative actions to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. And in order to facilitate the exchange of players, the game also set a number of meaningful symbols. Of course if not the online with other players, only one player can also experience the fun of this.

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