Friday, February 12, 2016

Strange the sword went on sale on Apple s iPod KS value 3800w MP3


Don't ask the small series, why is this MP3 so popular? Because the editor will only tell you: there is reasonable, pop has its own truth. (Small series of Lei Feng is so talented! )


Pono is a high fidelity portable music player sound traditional MP3 a few streets behind, let you experience headphone concert.

Convenience and sound quality can have

Pono player push FLAC format. FLAC is a lossless audio compression, which is lossless compression. Unlike other lossy compression like MP3 and AAC,FLAC will not break any existing audio information, so you can restore audio CD sound quality.

Unique shape to share their happiness

Pono player and the player is completely different, its distinctive shape: triangular columns, equipped with LCD touch-screen buttons, 3 entities, and side 2 output jack, a 3.5mm headphone jack, myself; one is for audio equipment stereo jacks, used to hear with my family, alone together than the Lele.

No longer have to worry that there is not enough memory

Pono 64G Player configuration memory, purchase bonus 64GMICroSD card, so bought Pono player is 126G. 126G can store 1000 to 2000 music albums and Pono player SD expansion 64G microSD cards and microsdxc card, 128G or larger memory card.

PonoMusic online store

Users can go to PonoMusic online store search, listen, purchase and download high quality music on the album to your computer, through a Micro-USB line synchronous transfers to Pono player. Allows users to enjoy the most primitive, record high-quality music, not after repeated compression low quality music.

Small series of reviews

In this age of MP3 is almost sold out, Pono music player was able to raise more than 38 million, small to Pono said only one word: you're great!. You tell me what do you think, welcome message threw bricks.

All chips

  Cath Kidston iPhone 6 cover

Pono MP3 last year raised over on Kickstarter, the project received the support of 18220 people, raise $ 6,225,354 total, far exceeding their funding target of $ 800,000. Cath Kidston iPhone 6 Case

Pono MP3 best early bird price: US $ 200 (about 1241), places are already gone. But now, Pono website you can buy here, black and yellow colors, priced at US $ 399 (about RMB 2476). Such a view, the early bird price was a bargain.

Purchase way intends to purchase of user please into Lei Feng network its coughs network a key pre-order, odd cool column has and coughs network reached cooperation agreement, now up, Lei Feng odd cool column Xia all technology products are can in coughs network purchase, more details please concern odd cool official micro-signal (woaiqiku), joined odd cool products QQ discussion group (136993069) and small partners are with discussion purchase recommends!

Discreet purchase links:

Cath Kidston iPhone 6 Case

Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms

1292 votes

Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms

DJI Matrice 100 open flying platform is designed to provide innovative application developers in the field of UAV development platform, it is not for ordinary consumers. Matrice is equipped with several communication interfaces, power supplies, and extension, users can install various types of equipment on the platform and to obtain flight data and control mechanisms, loading 1kg 20 minutes flying time, carrying extra batteries can be up to 40 minutes.

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