Monday, February 15, 2016

Odd air refueling technologies have matured UAV Wireless charging will usher

Battery technology bottlenecks, on battery energy-related products have also been a lot of repression, and unmanned aerial vehicles are significantly representative of many products. Battery technology could not break through, but from Germany Berlin SkySense the company seems to have found another solution, reference planes in the "refueling" technology. Moschino iPad Case Moschino new iPad case

SkySense uses a metal plate to replace the role of tankers, charging flat gold plated base, its surface is a honeycomb structure and the entire surface is divided into a number of rules, small series of guesses, which is to provide different electrode (anode) and the special structure.

With an external power supply, charger plate to provide drone 100-240 v power input and one 10 a charging rate.

The corresponding modification of UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles in the charging contacts need to be with the wire connection to the place, and install a gold-plated Spring wire end and landing unmanned aerial vehicles as long as in the charging plate, by contact with gold-plated spring contacts in the plane to complete the charge. Strictly speaking, this is not true for Wireless charging, simply charging an electric shock had a small improvement.

In response to outdoor changeable weather, SkySense pad waterproof characteristics, and the team is on the charger Board or designed garage shelter shed-like Droneport. When the drone when charging Droneport can be opened remotely, completely cover the drone for close protection and the pad.

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This solution is mainly for outside jobs drone, unmanned land-charge-take off the whole process independently and do not need someone to intervene and assisted at the scene. This approach has practical value, but does not apply for the domestic UAV market, mostly domestic UAV unmanned aerial vehicle enthusiasts playing, they need real Wireless charging, as well as mobile phone signals.

SkySense pad is compatible with almost all types of UAV and vertical take off and landing aircraft, and has three different sizes of type from the SkySense website, compact 18-inch on a side, priced at us $ 1130, medium pad 36 inches on a side, for $ 2410, large charger Board 72 inches on a side, priced at $ 7865, the price is very rough.

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