Thursday, February 18, 2016

Perpetual truth has been broken The Assassin s creed is no longer new year

  Refer to "Ubisoft" and "assassin's creed" these two keywords, it is estimated that many people will think of Spring Festival in the word, however this series probably will take new year's hat.

Perpetual truth has been broken! The Assassin's creed is no longer new year

  Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot at Investor Conference asked whether a tradition every year of the Assassin's Creed will be broken, he said, the series will have a fixed release cycle, but will not be the year a. Vans sole

  In fact Ubisoft has started doing this year will not have the Assassin's creed's latest release, as developers wanted to have more time to improve.

  From the Assassin's creed: brotherhood beginning, the series has maintained a pace of at least one a year, and has been for nearly 7 years. In 2014 the Assassin's creed: available for sale at the early stages of the revolution BUG drew catcalls from then Ubisoft has said the series needs more Polish.

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