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Super small screen Samsung UE40JU7000 TV review

  HD TV market has already entered the era of the 4K, in which Samsung is definitely a leader. In recent years various 4K dazzling, consumers often do not know where to begin to start. Even with their ideal choice, and lingers in the balance of size and price. To select an ideal TV is really difficult.

  Samsung JU7000 series television has been getting decent reviews, before we see the 65-inch and 80-inch, 40-inch version now also finally appeared. UE40JU7000 can be said to be the introduction of minimum size of Samsung's ultra HD 4K, medium size and reasonable price make it a promising choice for consumers entering a 4K era started. As far as specific performance, then please see the evaluation:

  Picture quality

Super small screen Samsung UE40JU7000 TV review

  Let skip UE40JU7000 the appearance of direct TV picture quality of most concern to begin. Quality testing on the premise that shut down most of the treatment effect, keeping only some need to maintain.

  First is the network 4K content of the La summer camp. 80 's of last century and bright style of dressing and plenty of outdoor scenes are the best stage show color performance. UE40JU7000 red, yellow, and blue are lively, but not too far, while green remained on the plants with more natural shades. In a normal screen mode, warm and cool colors have a good balance.

  Where the detail is impressive, you can very clearly distinguish these ropes, hair details. Exquisite picture is 4K's strengths, but UE40JU7000 want to do better. In addition, the vision of the layers is also very good.

  UE40JU7000 dynamic performance at its best, it is a good way to deal with fast-moving objects. Dynamic processing that Samsung offers a variety of choices, but tests showed that the standard model is the best.

  By contrast the House of cards to test performance should be a good choice. In this regard, UE40JU7000 for the treatment of black and white are also very good. Two colors are very distinct, black great purity, white is also very clean, which will not interfere with the case. Incipio iPhone 6 Case

  Vocal performance

  If you want to UE40JU7000 sound effects to a summary, it should be "balanced". It comes with speakers various aspects of performance are not clear enough to cover general TV shows and movies is enough. Incipio iPhone 6+ case

  Of course, you cannot rely on UE40JU7000 's voice and those of high-end audio system. Can only say that if you do not ask, do not rush to upgrade audio system, the UE40JU7000 comes with speakers is enough.

  Appearance and function

Super small screen Samsung UE40JU7000 TV review

  Let us come back to talk about the appearance. UE40JU7000 designed to favor plain simple, but Super narrow border makes like the gorgeous people ignore this, buy TV, after all, not all day to see the base and shelf. Tilt Design occupies space in the back of the bracket and some more, but this is TV stable enough.

Super small screen Samsung UE40JU7000 TV review

  UE40JU7000 offers four HDMI interfaces, two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, there is an optical audio output. Of course, headphone jack is also not small. TV also provides an Ethernet interface, but Wi-Fi connection quality is good in itself, it depends on your needs.

Super small screen Samsung UE40JU7000 TV review

  Tizen of the UE40JU7000 system, the interface a little simple but intuitive enough. In addition to the built-in applications, it can also automatically applied to the new classification. Each application comes with a full-screen mode, help better guide.

  General comments

Super small screen Samsung UE40JU7000 TV review

  As for the high-end models, UE40JU7000 JU7000 series has always been of excellent quality, and relatively small size but also significantly reduced its price. If you don't care about TV size, then it is a pretty good choice.

  But then again came back, UE40JU7000 's position is a bit awkward. For the living room, 40-inch clear small enough; if you simply want a bedroom TV, it seems to have some expensive high-end positioning. Don't start, it's up to personal preference.

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