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Explains when you need to enter Microsoft Windows 10 system key

  Officially released with Windows of 10 systems, Microsoft has enabled the "recognized digital" (Digital Entitlement) the new activation mechanism, allowing Windows 7/8.1 customers in the case of no product key is required for the upgrade. System is activated automatically after the upgrade is complete, and then allow the free product key to install.

Explains when you need to enter Microsoft Windows 10 system key

  By means of digital approval system, when you are on the device when I reinstall and reactivate, unless your PC is configured such as motherboard replacement, significant adjustment needs to be manually reactivated, or it will automatically attach a product key. In today's update Windows 10 FAQ articles, Microsoft needs to enter the manual activation for the new system is introduced in detail, and explains why all the upgrade from the old version Windows system does not need a new product key.

  Digital accepted:

  Digital recognition system basically applies to the following four conditions, namely: Just Cavalli iPhone 6

  1. When do you plan to run Windows 7/8.1 system, eligible devices when upgrading to Windows 10 system

  2. you buy genuine Windows from the Windows Store system 10, and successfully activated on the device.

  3. you buy Windows from the Windows Store 10 Pro upgrade, and successfully activated on the device.

  4. you are Windows Insider Member, and on devices that are eligible to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 Insider previews, and the device has previously run successfully activate Windows and Windows 10 preview. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

  This means that whether you buy genuine Windows 10 system authorization from the shop, you are able to proceed without the product key to reinstall. You can reinstall the system will automate the activation process.

  Product key:

  Naturally, in some situations still need to enter a product key:

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  1. you purchase from an authorized retail Windows physical system of 10 copies.

  2. you buy Windows from the authorized retailer 10 digital copies.

  3. you have Windows of 10 volume licensing or MSDN subscription contracts.


  4. you have purchased a new devices running Windows system 10.

  In short, if you are running Windows just bought 10 new users of the system, then you will need the product key. Activation and Windows systems the same way at this time, you need to purchase the disc random device or contains the product key found in the urine check key and enter it into the system to activate.

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