Friday, October 2, 2015

Apple Watch has not been published was blocked by venue

United Kingdom to watch a final exam may no longer see traces.

Why block watch? Not because of school leaders ' wayward, but students use smart watch cheating. Traditional watches and also lay a gun, all intelligent teachers resolved in a short time the watch is not feasible or not, simply slap down candidates wear watches entry.

Is expected to be released in April of this year Apple Watch high profile, but its cool feature may be given to candidates to exploit. Last year, a University in London, said, "starting from 2015, Apple Watch will create problems for the exam" is a student could use smart watch cheating behaviour.

London Metropolitan University and the University of London has now begun practicing this provision, candidates need to get smart on tests watches and Smartphone under the desk of a plastic bag, and Smartphones alike. Hermes iPhone 6 flip case

In order to facilitate candidates keep track of time. Examination room has been put on the clock at the City University.

Using high-tech devices to cheat is nothing new, candidates and examiners "wits", you can write a long history of cheating. Where there is exams, cheating is possible, the school had its unreasonable: rather than thrown in the examination room and candidates at loggerheads over unhappiness than a rainy day, broke from the source of all possibilities.

However, while strong, metal detectors can be regarded as the examiner of a "magic weapon", is already widely used in the national college entrance examination in the examination room. Hermes iPhone 6 cover

Prevalence of smart devices today, though we experience to bring new technologies to our efficient and convenient, but it's a double-edged sword for what impact on our daily lives, is also just glimpse of it.

And this makes us reflect on science tests, development of the role of such traditional forms: now, "may not be obtained by" the age of the Internet, rather than spoon-feeding education examination-core, flexible application in practice may be the real meaning of education. But as the product of thousands of years of civilization, and at present is indeed the most effective way to test students ' ability, is the most simple and crude way.

"University way, enlighten, populist, and to strive to. "Education of your people who allow themselves to be mature, rather than seek a teeny little exercise in paper high marks. To cheating disappears from its source, it is necessary to make students want to understand this, is best.

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Apple Watch

But Apple Watch after a few days I feel, watch the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Interaction on the watch is not only faster and less bother than phone to social, Apple Watch has another hidden benefit: it than phones are less likely to indulge in. In such a small screen, you can't do anything, so I don't have that feeling of being sucked and they get lost in electronic equipment. To me, that's the biggest difference between Apple Watch and mobile phone. Until now, Apple Watch is pure business, aim is purely to improve productivity. For some users, this point may be worth hundreds of dollars in price.

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