Saturday, October 3, 2015

Freeson Warner cartoon apples taste good childhood

Hot sales of the iPhone and sought-after degrees in the country, derivative parts industry development. Just a few years, domestic parts manufacturers have sprung up hard, hold Apple the tree shade. But want a larger market share, and is killed in the market of the product key. Freeson high-end consumer electronic accessories brands, is also borrowed from the early United States authorised by the Warner cartoons into the high-end market, consumers of all ages.

Freeson Warner cartoon characters in its iPhone, iPad protective shell and foil products, cute cute Tweety Bird, honest selling cute Porky pig, smart smart Bunny, noisy and rough Tsui, provocative madness of Daffy Duck, courage and justice, Superman, which accompanied us through the good times of childhood cartoon characters, do you remember what does?

For the pursuit of the perfect slim feel reluctant to put wanted to protect iPhone Apple fans, Freeson this cartoon film was appropriate. Film Japan imported materials, equipped with two pieces of foil, full protection of the back plate and screen. Electrostatic adsorption, no need to worry about glue residue. Moschino Galaxy S3 Case

Freeson Warner cartoon film has a variety of cartoon choice hobby collections users can collect a set, maybe Assembly summoned by the seven Dragon! But iPhone4/4S and iPad models cartoon films are appropriate, iPhone5 users can choose the Warner cartoon of the Comic cover.

Freeson Warner cartoon iPhone5 cover consists of four pattern, namely, Porky pig, Tweety Bird, Superman and Bugs Bunny. This series of protective shells with elastic and extremely high wear resistance, TPU, PC material is more soft and difficult to fault, loading and unloading easier. Cover surface with a special craft processing, long bright patterns do not fade. Protective case with iPhone5 completely, stay out of the sound, power button, and the data cable and mini-jack connector. For love the paint of iPhone5 are equipped with a protective shell, is necessary.

Similarly, Freeson tailor-variety of protective case for iPad, rich patterns, bright colors and contrasting cold case on the market, a bit of fun, can also be used as an ornament to decorate your life. Freeson iPad2 cover Warner cartoon series, adoption of advanced PC material, wear-resisting deformation, it is worth mentioning that this case is very thin, on the iPad and absolutely no weight to meet opponents of high sense of fruit powder.

Introduces so many cartoon-like accessories, small were a boy feel good time! Carrying rice bowls sat in front of the television every evening waiting, at his parents ' urging rice to eat, such as cartoon end and then proceed to write job. You don't know computer desk, and also share it?

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