Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Encyclopedia of paper cut snowflakes cut three Orange snowflake pattern tutorial

Paper-cutting is one of the very old folk art, is to use scissors to cut paper into a variety of patterns, such as grilles, doors, roofs, walls, ceiling flowers, lanterns, etc. Festivals and auspicious days, people will put all kinds of auspicious, beautiful paper-cut cut paste in a bright window, wall, door ... ... Beautiful atmosphere will immediately be rendered very happy. Folk paper-cutting mainly in the areas of paper, meaning the total concept of two-dimensional space based on, ways of thinking, makes the cut does not speak volumes, regardless of the proportion, as long as the impossible possible with experience and spirituality of the fine-art.

Diced together with decoupage enthusiasts share paper-cut snowflakes with your progress, diced pork with handmade paper-cut works of authors you are welcome to make customer service QQ:50810. Simple children s paper cut tutorials pumpkins

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