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If you have the money don t go to the cinema the high end projection equipment

Is it your HDTV on the market size is too small? Or do you have a room dedicated to home entertainment? So a home projector is perfect for you.

Older Projection TV is dead, but the momentum of the projector over the years is still pretty good, and in terms of image quality or on the value, than ever before there is a great deal of progress. Although most of the products can be used in a bright environment, but projector is best suited to the environment continues to be used in a dark room, accompanied by a large curtain or wall, really enjoyed it.

Projector and HDTV if you have chosen the former, then today we recommend five best home projector, is capable of meeting your needs.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5020

High-end projection equipment, best home projectors home projector

Epson PowerLite 5020 offers excellent picture quality but the price is too high, if used in darker environments, can produce amazing results. MCM iPhone 6

Advantages: this Epson 5,020 home projectors are ideal for dark and large space, projection brightness excellent, outstanding color accuracy, and appears quite a place for dark and shadow detail. In addition, Epson 5020 has power lens cap and horizontal and vertical lens adjustment feature and comes with two 3D glasses.

Disadvantages: black level, automatic aperture peak higher energy consumption, noise and more, WirelessHD settings option is not personalized enough.

Price: us $ 2390 (about 15000 Yuan)


High-end projection equipment, best home projectors home projector

JVC DLA-X35 prices are not low, but performance is strong, all is good value for money.

Advantages: JVC's DLA-X35 was very good, especially in the almost perfect image quality. High-precision color reduction, overall picture performance is worth the high price. DLA-X35 content is very rich, replete with power zoom, focus and lens shift. Compact design, supports 3D displays, and matching 3D glasses are very close to the people.

Disadvantages: pre-calibrated picture settings is not accurate, does not offer a 3D glasses and effects used in a bright environment.

Manufacturer's suggested price: 3500 USD (around 21500 Yuan)


High-end projection equipment, best home projectors home projector

Sony VPL-HW50ES projector in this price is the most expensive one, had almost caught up with very hot 4K HD TV prices now. But for users who like to experience big-screen multimedia experience at home, Sony VPL-HW50ES is really worth buying.

Advantages: Sony VPL-HW50ES can project a large image, also in black, shadow detail, image quality and color accuracy is very good. Also sets the content is very rich, almost inaudible voice in the running of the machine process, and comes with two additional lights, comes with two 3D glasses.

Disadvantages: more expensive than on a JVC DLA-X35, does not support remote fixed-focus, zoom and camera movement, not compatible with third-party 3D glasses.

Suggested price: $ 4000 (about 25000 Yuan)

BenQ W1070

High-end projection equipment, best home projectors home projector

If the budget is limited and you want to experience at home feeling a big screen projector, BenQ W1070 is a good entry-level product.

MCM case

Advantages: BenQ W1070 under the condition of low price in image quality is considered satisfactory, especially black restore and color accuracy performance is amazing. In addition, the 3D projection effect is quite good.

Disadvantages: does not offer 3D glasses, need to pay an additional US $ 99 (about 560 Yuan) purchase; restore shadow detail is less purely entry-level home projector products.

Price: US $ 950 (about 5900 Yuan)

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020

High-end projection equipment, best home projectors home projector

Epson PowerLite projector for 3,020 in responsible for the images are unique and have some unique selling points.

Advantages: this machine in shadow detail and black reduction degree on the satisfactory performance. Easy to operate, Setup a feature-rich. And its highlights are supported 3D and 24P playback, this very rare competitors at the same price.

Disadvantages: expensive fee upgrade HD WirelessHD, General in color, deep black and poor, more noise.

Source: Tencent MCM case

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