Thursday, October 15, 2015

Smile uncle who s going to guard Sony Xperia Z5 will battle

Just a few days ago Sony's current CEO Hirai said in an interview, "If the business is expected to achieve break-even in the next year and beyond, we will retain the business. Otherwise, we will not exclude other options. "Business refers to Sony's Hirai of the Smartphone business. Disney phone case

But Sony officials issued a statement the next day did not plan to sell its mobile phone business, Hirai only for reasons of profitability and market conditions for controlling risk considerations. But obviously you can see Sony high current on Sony mobile phones businesses is very dissatisfied with, or even an oral ultimatum, saying that Sony moved out as soon as possible losses, make a profit.

Sony mobile business transformation will be completed in fiscal year 2015, but the market is always talking, Xperia Z5 series success likely will determine the future direction of this Sony mobile. Xperia Z5, currently include the Chinese market, and started the distribution, Xperia Z5 compared with other competitors in the market chances?


Process design of Sony in the tech world that we are second in the world, no one dares to say first. Although Xperia Omni-Balance full balanced design with from z to the Z5, will inevitably make the user feel a little tired, but to see the real machine at first glance, you said Sony was the only one, really do better looking than official website picture phone. In both at the same time, aluminum frame to ensure strength and durability of the phone. And Sony Xperia Logo for the first time to use 256-process grinding CNC CNC machine tools equipped with laser etching engraved on the border, full of texture.

Disney iPhone 5 Case

It is worth mentioning that Sony Xperia Z5 series offers two kinds of back fuselage material, Z5, Z5 Compact back is frosted glass cover, frosted mirror effect can lead to a sense of strong damping, play the non-slip effect and reduced risk of residue of the fingerprint. Z5 chrome color version of the Premium the use of mirror glass in the back, looks like a mirror. Two different materials all look so beautiful.

Screen display

More attractive than the screen Xperia Z5 4K the Premium screen resolution, which is the world's first 4K mobile screen resolutions. High pixel density of 806ppi and new 4K X-reality display technology with super vivid ultra-realistic and Triluminos Terri charm color technology allows Xperia Z5 Premium to a comparable top 4k TV shock audio experience.

But it is worth mentioning that 4K screen mode is not in the fully open position, the vast majority of cases the resolution is scaled to lock in 1080p, and only used when watching videos and photos 4K, did this in order to prevent the excessive use of performance, achieve the goal of extending battery life. Sony 4 k screen in a 5-inch screen about the size of the phone is not to say that it has more practical, could Sony do so only to virtuoso: only I can get 4K the screen on the phone.


The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Z5, Z5 Compact using mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 810 programme, 4 1.5GHz Cortex-A53 core and 4 core 2GHz Cortex-A57 and fully guarantee the phone's performance, while Qualcomm new controversial, but there is no denying that, in addition to Qualcomm still have choices?

Gao Tongxiao Dragon 810 heating problem most other mobile phone manufacturers using the block as a way to ensure that the mobile phone will not happen too hot, Sony and they are not the same, "double-pipe and grease" solution is to prevent the phone from hardware overheating, Xperia Z5 series machine than other Gao Tongxiao Dragon flagship cooler in 810.

3GB run is currently the Android flagship-memory comes standard with Sony outside in addition to use on the Z5 Compact 2GB RAM, Z5, Z5 and Premium are equipped with 3GB running memory.

Imaging Disney iPhone 5 Case

Top IMX 230 sensor, up to 23 million pixel 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS components, post-6p lens group, these are the top cell phone camera parameters. And support real-time phase-detection auto focus technology, with more than 192 focus significantly improves the speed of moving objects and properties, thus providing the industry's fastest 0.03 second focus, instant focus in a second content anywhere on the screen to shoot.

Not only that Sony g lens and BIONZ image processor ISP was also improved, achieving 5 times optical zoom the zoom function and low light noise performance up to 12800 ISO range of photographic. Actual sample also proves the power of this camera, Sony has been criticized has the best hardware, but not the best photos, the Xperia Z5 believe can shut a lot of people.

Battery life

Xperia z-series mobile phone battery life on Android camp has been ranked in the forefront, Xperia Z5 Premium battery capacity with 3430mAh, Z5 2900mAh Z5 Compact 2700mAh optimization skills coupled with unique other than the Sony STAMINA power save mode enables Xperia Z5 can use all day no problem. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 4K screen not fully open condition, using two days completely is self-evident.

Although in the past on the battery life is really good, but slow charging Xperia z mobile phone one of the pain points, but Sony joined Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology, using approved charger, charging for ten minutes, and that 5.5 hours of use time.


Sony customized Android system where there is not too much to say, because starting from Android 2.3 you will find Sony in addition to the system will keep pace with Google, both in functionality as well as changes in the system on the UI too. But it is also good, is Sony's systems has been relatively stable, and also has a good performance on the standby power consumption.


Xperia Z5 series both in design, performance and imaging as well as endurance remained on a high level, and joined the Xperia Xperia Z5 also z-series has no fingerprint recognition sensor, also associate it with power and lock screen button integration together, have to say that is an interesting innovation. Waterproofing is Sony's big weapon, Xperia Z5 series the waterproof designs are IP68 rating and without cover USB interface design.

No matter from which Xperia Z5 series is Sony's best mobile phone ever, especially the Xperia Z5 Premium, this is a high quality Android flagship. But there is a problem, Xperia Z5 Premium line version 5699, or only with our wallets can watch their uncle's smile.

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