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Why did HTC put 4 3 million pixels camera

HTC on February 20 (Beijing time) in London and New York, also released by HTC One became one of the most eye-catching of the phone business focus, when it comes to the new HTC One main camera for the 430W, when many people are quite shocked, in the time of the millions of pixels in popularity why HTC retro 430W camera instead?

Ultrapixel technology

Let us know about the HTC developed the Ultrapixel (simple translation to "the ultimate pixel") camera.

New HTC One carrying 430W pixels camera, sensor size is 1/3 inches, each pixel can be up to 2 µm pixel size m, compared with 1.1 in General 1300W pixel camera µ m pixel size, the new HTC One sensitive rate 300% per cent higher than the average cellphone camera. Under the same sensor size, pixel dense, representative capture more information, picture is fine.

In addition, 28mm wide angle, f/2.0 large aperture lenses and carrying similar to Lumia920 optical image stabilization (OIS) that provides dual-axis 2,000Hz anti-shake technology. But although image stabilization, but stability must shoot his hands.

Flash also provides 5 different intensity light intelligent Flash, depending on subject size, range of adequate luminance flash compensation.

There is an independent chip deal with HDR function, so the new HTC One in hardware support for HDR, recording video to use HDR photography. Can shoot video 1080P/30 frames, if resolution reduced to 720P, also can shoot 60 frames of video. 60 fps video, the picture has a very smooth performance, even when editing video, and can slow down the playback speed of slow-motion playback. Swarovski iPhone 4 Case

Yes, say in passing, front-facing camera to 2.1 million pixels, f/2.0 and 88-degree wide angle and shooting 1080p video recording, also supports HDR function. Swarovski iPhone 4 Case

For the new HTC One always says UltraPixel technology, outgoing messages are online says: camera to capture red, green and blue primary color layer, and together. Larger pixels than normal lens to capture the information more and more fine. But small series are more likely to UltraPixel is similar to Nokia Pureview technology. Nokia to make mobile phone also has a better Zoom effect, had considered joining the optical zoom, then had to give up because of the size is too big. And then decided to use a new technology, digital zoom is also comparable to optical zoom for the goal. Finally there came with Pureview technology and Nokia 4100W 808.

PureView technology of core part is will 41 million pixel of image "concentrated" to 5 million pixel of image, this is "Super sampling" process, in actual process in the, each 8 a pixel points will was integration into a "Super pixel points", this also on means with, also conditions Xia, also strength of light in into lens Hou will irradiation to than General 5 million pixel sensor by has of big have more of pixel points Shang. Therefore, PureView technology camera lens in low light situations the noise would be reduced significantly, the image quality is greatly improved. Is 808 concentrated as in order to shoot, so when its digital zoom, can achieve amazing lossless digital zoom (808-digital zoom pixel is the common pixels rather than in normal pixel zoom).

And according to the now popular saying, UltraPixel is a three-tier 430W pixels are added together, and have now spread more of the so-called "shoot the three layers together" argument. While make believe this is like Nokia 808 PureView technologies are concentrated together pixels, simple understanding is through UltraPixel technology to a certain pixel (small series of guesses is 1300W) concentrated on the 430W is equivalent to every last pixel is a combination of three common pixel, pixels, light more.

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In addition, UltraPixel also offers a 360 ° panoramic photography and removal of unwanted, stray into the camera object.

Analysis of ZOE

ZOE can be said to be a new kind of photographic experience, it will be in when you pressed the shutter shooting 20 clear pictures, and record a 1080P, 3 short in length. Inside the Gallery, each preview image will be "live", a bit like Harry Potter's magic album.

New HTC One built-in Editor, can be merged with a small section of the video, and a variety of background music and the scene.

New HTC One set reviews

Small series on the network (both domestic and foreign media) find HTC One sample posted these proofs the image quality is very good, in a dark environment, maintaining a low ISO, is also able to maintain a relatively fast shutter speed, very rare.

Above three are on Twitter to find the foreign media share shot proof, you can see the image is very sharp, clear picture, launch environment is dark, image quality is still very good.

The next two from Tencent's "Tencent digital" channel. Small said the dance was intentionally so dark lighting, then gave reporters the test image of dark light.

Facts prove that the image is pretty good, in case of lower ISO, but also have a shutter speed of 1/100 of a second, and this proof, I believe the reporter just shot with automatic effect. General phone in a dark environment, in order to ensure that there are enough shutter speed would improve ISO. In the case of low ISO and high shutter, the screen can also have the brightness, "sensitive 300% rate for ordinary camera" is not a lie.

So HTC 430W used One camera, in the overall Imaging can now definitely under common 800W or 1300W high, but may be in the details on the capture of images of snaring, 430W, after all, but a lot of times we don't need pictures to enlarge them. On the picture performance, the new HTC One is definitely something to look forward to.

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