Monday, October 26, 2015

Computers as long as a power plug do you dare to believe

Computers as long as a power plug, do you dare to believe

Coming home to turn on the computer, I always get distracted by clutter behind the computer wiring, looking computer chassis wiring hole of devastation behind, I fell into a deep meditation.

Until network of Lei Feng in the Taipei International computer show see the ... ...

Computers as long as a power plug, do you dare to believe

Do you think this is a plug in transformer? You think you think is what you think of it? This is actually a computer and, Yes, this is indeed a computer! Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

On Tuesday night, Microsoft to show at the Taipei International computer show a series of computers, these computers are for Win8 and upcoming Win10 to build new machines, including laptops, Dell, HP and Toshiba machine, and so on.

But the most striking is this like the PC power supply plug--Quanta Compute Plug, it is a Mini PC computer, Quanta computer manufacturing by outsourcing vendors, Microsoft did not disclose the detailed configuration information, but speculation that Intel Bay Trail is most likely T-CR SoC (Z3735F) 7 chips, and have 2G 64G Flash memory and RAM.

According to Microsoft's introduction, this is a PC and plug the two in one product, can be inserted into the socket, and is connected to the TV, PC TV, primarily through Microsoft speech Assistant Cortana control.

In addition to Quanta Compute Plug, Microsoft showed off a Mini PC products--Foxconn Kangaroo, looks like a portable hard drive, this machine has the fingerprint recognition, Cherry Trail processor with Intel, and Quanta Compute Plug can be connected to TV, make TV a computer carrying Win 10.

Computers as long as a power plug, do you dare to believe

Earlier, Intel unveiled a new product called the Intel Compute Stick, PC and HDMI adapter is a two in one product, through interface connection using your TV or monitor. Lei feng was also introduced, Google has also launched the Chrombit computer the size of a USB drive.

Computers as long as a power plug, do you dare to believe

For Microsoft, couldn't care less about PC machine how high face values, as long as it is powered by Windows system hardware for Microsoft, there's no difference. Microsoft is about to launch a unified system platform--Win10, after this small computer will also increase in the number of non-regular, odd, form.

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For the average user, this computer can meet daily to carry, to a certain extent (as long as you go to have a monitor), and convenient than a notebook.

For Virgo, reduce the use of lines, it is touched and shed a tear for the Gospel. Givenchy iPhone 6 cases

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Computers as long as a power plug, do you dare to believe

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