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2016 Google I O Conference on May 18 Lei feng s morning news

2016 Google I/O Conference on May 18 | Lei feng's morning news

Google set up virtual reality Department, and finally to play hardball

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Google's efforts in virtual reality is not so serious, Oculus book virtual reality helmet is over, but Google seem to be the only low-end Cardboard devices.

But that could change, according to foreign media reports, Google seems to want to play hardball, and is currently setting up separate virtual reality Department, focused on the development of virtual reality products. Original product management Vice President Clay Bavor down work on non-virtual reality, focus on virtual reality products. VR Shinecon virtual reality headset

Google's not keen on virtual reality with its bet on augmented reality, and its mysterious Magic of augmented reality company Leap. Google did not disclose how many people in the research and development of virtual reality products, but by contrast the Oculus of the Facebook has more than 400 people. Google focused on virtual reality, perhaps to seize the opportunities of the next explosion of video content.

Google announced on May 18, 2016 I/O Assembly

According to foreign media reports, Google CEO Pi Chayi (Sundar Pichai) on Tuesday announced that the company's annual I/O developers ' Conference scheduled to be held from May 18 to 20th this year, and location is located in mountain view, Shoreline Ampitheatre Amphitheater.

According to the Pi Chayi posted Twitter messages, this means that the General Assembly will return to "community began 10 years ago." And, mountain view or San Francisco more likely to show its driverless car.

In General, Google is usually at the I/O Conference released its latest version of the Android operating system, such as 2015 released Android m. Insiders pointed out that Google Android system needs to be improved urgently, such as improving Tablet PC software features such as multitasking and parallel applications, otherwise Pixel appeal c products will receive severe restrictions.

Google driverless car sharing appeared 272 times

With drone technology is more and more possible, public safety are also increasingly concerned about double understanding Google driverless car accident report has become a habit.

According to a recent report submitted by 2014 to 2015 in November, Google's driverless car has had 272 failures, and if the driver does not intervene to correct the car's behaviour, 13 accidents will happen. Google driverless car trouble with sensor readings, steering and braking systems and so on, but it warns the driver need manual processing.

Last year, California has 49 driverless car in testing, including Google's Koala and modified Lexus RX450s. They were 341 accidents.

Because Google's driverless car without steering wheels and brake pedals, be questioned on the safety, so that drive the report is particularly important. Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Delphi, Nissan, also be required to submit reports, but only Google is now open.

Apple WiFi assistants plus a display function

According to foreign media reports, Apple has released iOS 9.3 beta for developers, its main update is a collection of small features, such as WiFi Assistant plus the flow rate display.

2016 Google I/O Conference on May 18 | Lei feng's morning news

Since iOS 9.0, Apple system added a "WiFi Assistant" feature that allows iPhone, iPad WiFi network weak cases automatically switch to the operator network. However, some users claimed that the features they do not knowingly increased data traffic, and early exhaustion of its data plan. Since then, the "Apple help operators jumped the flow" sort of argument passed.

In order to prove innocence, Apple iOS 9.3 beta for this feature coupled with an accurate flow data in telling the user the current traffic usage, and users can also turn it off at any time. In addition, Apple WiFi Assistant's description is displayed, the function does not in some traffic-intensive applications, such as live streaming media, games and activates automatically in the background.

Report says Apple watch shipments last year to occupy half

Announced on Tuesday by market research firm Juniper Research report says Apple watch shipments last year to 8.8 million, already account for half of the market in this area, in dominant position in the market. However, analysts cast doubt on prospects of smart wearable devices.

2016 Google I/O Conference on May 18 | Lei feng's morning news

Before Apple introduced the Apple Watch, its rival Samsung products in 2013 with the first generation of smart watches, and obtained a market base. Juniper reports show that while Apple Watch late, but in 2015 the global watch market share has reached 52%, while Samsung's Android Wear shipments throughout the year, the share of total sales to not only to 10%. VR Shinecon goggle

In addition of Juniper report notes that smart watches to date has not yet been achieved "significant breakthroughs" industry has even failed to define its true value. Analysts said the new devices usually offer modified better presentation, and slightly different features, but the performance or use there is no significant change, the industry is still "waiting".

At present, the smart watch market of consumer rights in the hands of consumers. Apple Watch 50% per cent share in smart watches on the market, IDC said it was thanks to Apple's promotion is better than the other competitors.

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