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Mario s father opened eight of the Super Mario puzzle

Mario's father, opened eight of the Super Mario puzzle

  Today is the release of the popular Super Mario World game 30 year anniversary. In these days of jubilation, Nintendo moved out of the founders specifically to make Memorial videos, fans unveiled a series of hidden for many years on secret information on two plumbers.

  Some very simple, such as the origin of the name Mario, and other brain-hole is wide open, a variety of conspiracy theories and urban legends are assuming.

  1. Mario Nintendo before the name comes from the United States Division of the warehouse landlord: maliao·xigeer?

  Mario has arrived in its 30th year, the two mustachioed plumber is also starting to show some weakness. It was first seen in the classic Nintendo game Donkey Kong in 1981, when people thought it was "bouncing" (Jumpman), so when the name Mario appeared later there will inevitably be very mysterious.

  Name is legend Mario from Nintendo before United States Division of the maliao·xigeer warehouse landlord, because he had angrily denounced Nintendo management of rent arrears.

  This rumor has been circulating for years, but it's not like Zelda was confirmed (this name comes from the great writers of Fitzgerald's wife). But this time out, Shigeru Miyamoto admits warehouse landlord Mario, this name is from the year maliao·xigeer.

  2. on the original Super Mario Pack: is Uncle Mario will lose a life?

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Mario's father, opened eight of the Super Mario puzzle

  Original cover has already become a classic Super Mario, Mario is riding on fire to beat Bowser's fireballs have close proximity with him. But don't worry, according to Shigeru Miyamoto explained, uncle Mario's not in any danger, and kicking.

  3. do you make Mario doctors operated on you? DKNY for iPhone 6 plus

  Dr Mario was born in 1990, puzzle game, in fact, plainly it is a replica of the Russia box. Players need to be constantly drop the colorful pill by color, like removing it.

Mario's father, opened eight of the Super Mario puzzle

  Obviously Mario doctors failed to copy Russia block success, facing this problem Miyamoto looks embarrassed, he shook his head and said does not allow Mario doctor killed the doctor.

  4. the Super Mario 3 is a play you?

  Amid rumors of 1988 's Super Mario 3 is actually a stage drama. Games main menu animation design references the theatrical stage curtains, very similar to its environment and setting the stage, even occur when you pass the stage background. DKNY iPhone 6 plus

  But Shigeru Miyamoto finally confirmed the crazy rumours. Developed "paper Mario", the theme of the play is more clear.

  5. When Bob play was eliminated, they become ghosts?

  Unfortunately, those crazy fans do not have a match. When fans asked if Bob when bombs killed becomes a ghost (will chase you when you look away), Shigeru Miyamoto, smiled and shook his head road; "you want to know more. "

  6. do you know the small Bowser's mother who is?

  Small Bowser's first appearance was in 2002 in the Mario sunshine, it is the descendants of Mario nemesis Bowser. Since it joined the Mario family, fans are speculating about who is the real mother, but Nintendo has also not given an explanation.

Mario's father, opened eight of the Super Mario puzzle

  On this issue, Shigeru Miyamoto, jokingly pointed to himself, it seems that we still have the exact answer here.

  7. Mario is a head or a fist to brick it?

  In the Mario universe have a pain problem perplexes the player, although very boring, but players really want to know, and that's when Mario broken bricks is iron Palm or tie TOU Gong? He jumped up, always a fist up, but we could not be certain he had which of the martial arts, particularly the early game when Mario uncle is made up of several pixel.

  But Shigeru Miyamoto gave us the final answer--fist! Head ache right?

  8. you are still involved in the game Super Mario manufacturing research and development?

Mario's father, opened eight of the Super Mario puzzle

  On this issue, Shigeru Miyamoto, the answer is not just nod shook his head so simple, he said: "I am not the whole keeping up with, but I will make some comments. "

  Please enjoy the full video of Miyamoto quiz below:

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