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Secret Google project how much do you know

Since last weekend, owned by Google email service Gmail in the mainland cannot be used, everywhere a guikulanghao, and today foreign media reports that Facebook to fight against Google, Apple and Microsoft, the comment was made, Google will be difficult year next year. Google as a heavyweight local science and technology circle and the local culture, how can the Lee?

In fact, Google is very hard, its business is just about everywhere, from space exploration to the geothermal development, from the drone to a virtual reality device Cardbroad. As long as its outstanding technical talents are, drugs cannot be stopped. Readers follow Lei feng's network, with the year 2014, Google some unknown items.

1.Android Silver

Secret Google project, how much do you know?

Google to solve Android fragmentation problems and eliminated Android Nexus and Google Play equipment to launch Android Silver plan, which will allow mobile phone manufacturers to mobile operators ' business selling native Android devices. Developers can develop only one version of the application, there's no need now for different customized version of Android released several versions of the application. But, unfortunately the Android cell phone manufacturers do not support the plan. Although Android Silver has not been officially declared "the death penalty", but in the near term, there are products available.

2. robot project

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Secret Google project, how much do you know?

After the Google robot project was founded, you crazy to buy various Robotics companies, and only in the second half of 2013 to buy 7 robotics company, number and speed of acquisition really makes people speechless. But according to Google's financial strength, these are sprinkled with water. There are reports, new development of robot is expected to be next year.

3.Chrome OS

Secret Google project, how much do you know?

Officials said Chrome OS was born of reason: first, Google is going to make a convenient and practical and very cool browser, but crooked mistakenly hit in later years, the browser was growing into a browser-based operating system. Sounds like a mess, actually, Chrome OS is an operating system and that are constantly updated, Lei feng's network was informed that often leaking Chrome and Chrome OS information on Fran รง OIS Beaufort Google+ fact: with Crouton Chrome extensions, Chrome OS has support for running Linux in a window.

4. the children's version of Google

Secret Google project, how much do you know?

In order to give children a clean network, Google launched for children prepared a special version of Google. According to foreign media reports, according to the plan, Google will begin from 2015 to promote this work. Children aged 12 and under will be able to use a special version of Gmail, YouTube, Chrome and other Google products. In addition, it also provides some tools for parents to track children using Google products, but specific launch time, Google does not disclose.

5. quantum computer research programs

Secret Google project, how much do you know?

On September 3, Google announced a quantum computer research and development plan to keep lead in computing. The plan aims to develop based on the principles of quantum mechanics, with ultra high-speed computing power of the computer's processor. Through this technique, Google will be able to use more artificial intelligence in the design of their products in order to accelerate the speed of its products. In the view of some in the technology industry, quantum technology is a revolutionary way to computer for data analysis. This new technology of Google's main business is particularly helpful, on its new project, such as networking devices and networked cars, are also useful.

6. the automotive system Android Auto

Secret Google project, how much do you know?

Google wants its own Android Media Console all over the car. So will launch vehicle platform Android Auto in 2015, in order to make it officially entered the field of in-vehicle Infotainment, and standard interface. Android Auto is still in the design phase, many of the details still need to make further adjustments. At present, Honda, Hyundai, Audi and other manufacturers determine the car carrying Android Auto system will be introduced, fastest end of the year will continue to market. I believe that automotive system Android Auto will enter the Chinese market, but Google cannot service users, which should be provided by a local third party vendor.

7. smart phone Tango project

Secret Google project, how much do you know?

This year Google officially unveiled various camera smartphone Project Tango project and vision sensors, which can create a three dimensional map user environment, developers had never been exposed to data capture applications, including tracking shot and depth sensors, as well as real-time 3D graphics. Such a model can be the basis for multiple applications, such as in shopping malls and other indoor space provided direction to the user navigation, help users find a store or something. In addition, this can also help augmented reality application, streaming media such as video games and advertisements add animated or static images.

8. password end plan

Secret Google project, how much do you know?

Google has this kind of complicated the password thing detest, and the effort to create a variety of password eradication plan. Like the February acquisition of Israel security company SlickLogin, to using sound waves instead of password, in order to simplify the user's safety released in October a new method of using USB key landing Chrome and Gmail; December led FIDO Union released no password to access websites and online services for the final standard. Has been the way in eliminating password ....

9. satellite Internet project FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case

Secret Google project, how much do you know?

According to foreign media reports, in June, the Google plan spent more than $ 1 billion in funding for their satellite project, proposed creating 180 high-performance Earth satellites, hopes to address in the implementation of the project funding and technical obstacles, providing Internet access services for residents of remote parts of the world. August real-time satellite imagery company Google acquired the Skybox, and in September, satellite Internet project leaders quit Facebook for unknown reasons. Hope, not death of the project.

10.Loon plan

Secret Google project, how much do you know?

The program is designed by hot-air balloon in remote areas, provide cheap wireless Internet services in rural areas. Although it does not prevent the slow progress in its tracks. According to foreign media reports, Google has now started offering wireless service in some areas, at present, there are 75 hot air balloon floating in the air. This was confusing technical problems, regulatory issues, business models, and more, in response, Google said if the plan is finally to be commercial, and can make money, they will plan and telecom operators into. Loon plans seem to have no intention of profit.

Through these Google projects, we see the abstract idiom, perhaps also into the future. Whether it is a satellite or a quantum computer, or a hot-air balloon, regardless of Google the final destination, let us remember there is a group of people want to do the thing you want to change something.

Perhaps because of this, Gmail cannot use we would be so crazy.


Secret Google project, how much do you know?

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